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Hated Overwatch maps finally being removed from competitive in Season 19

Published: 2/Nov/2019 12:11 Updated: 2/Nov/2019 13:12

by Connor Bennett


Blizzard has revealed that they will make a major change to Overwatch’s competitive map pool – removing two of the game’s most disliked maps from the season 19 rotation.

With Blizzcon 2019 in full swing, fans of Blizzard titles have been treated to some incredible and highly-anticipated announcements. After weeks of rumors and leaks, both Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 were revealed during the opening ceremony – sparking celebration from fans all across the world.

Yet, even with all the new announcements and hype, the present titles like Overwatch, are still receiving plenty of love from the developers as they undergo updates in the way of bug fixes and quality of life changes.


Blizzard EntertainmentParis is finally dropping out of the Overwatch Competitive map pool.

The major one, however, for Overwatch, has come in the form of switching up the competitive map pool. Following the Blizzcon opening ceremony, it was revealed that Season 19 will have a set map rotation of 12 locations. 

Paris and Lunar Horizon Colony, which are both avoided by plenty of Overwatch players, will be removed for the new season. This doesn’t mean that they are being removed forever, however, as Overbuff tweeted out that they just won’t be used and aren’t set to undergo any sort of rework. 

The news was met with plenty of joy from everyone from current Overwatch League players to those who are slugging it out and trying to dominate the leaderboards.


“W,” replied Houston Outlaws player Jeffrey ‘blase’ Tsang, while the Overwatch Competitive subreddit ‘praised’ everyone who managed to dodge Paris and, in turn, got it removed from the new set rotation.

What 12 maps will exactly be in the Season 19 pool remains to be seen as there currently 21 locations that can be used, meaning some fans may lose one or two of their favorites. 

However, the overwhelming majority of them will be celebrating regardless, knowing that they no longer have to play on Paris and Horizon.