Genius Overwatch rework would make Roadhog a better tank for teammates

Roadhog hooks Zenyatta on Temple of AnubisBlizzard Entertainment

Tanks in Overwatch can get a bad reputation. While quite a few have barriers to protect teammates from enemy attacks, some, such as Roadhog, are considered ultimate batteries for opponents with little in the way of utility. A new rework idea would fix that problem.

Roadhog’s Chainhook is already very strong by itself, latching onto enemies and pulling them into your team to be eliminated. However, aside from its offensive components, it’s relatively lackluster.

As a hero, Roadhog is very slow and specializes at close range where his shotgun shots are most effective. His main drawback is a real lack of utility that other off-tanks have, such as Zarya’s barriers and D.Va’s Defense Matrix.

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That said, a simple change to Chainhook could make it an even better ability and one that many teammates could benefit from.

Proposed by Redditor Easterhands, the idea is to let Roadhog use Chainhook in a couple of different ways. The first, by pressing the ability button, would make the hook behave like normal for reeling in enemies.

The second way, however, would make the hook a useful tool for teammates stuck in a difficult situation. By holding down the ability button, the hook would latch onto where it hits. If an ally then presses the interact key, they could be reeled in to safety.

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This rework would make Chainhook a bit like Symmetra’s Teleporter, only with a much faster deployment. The drawback would be that it’s single-use and only goes one way. However, that would still be enough to make this ability much better.

Roadhog walks slowBlizzard Entertainment
Roadhog is pretty slow and better at close range.

For instance, say a Winston teammate is caught out of position and is Hacked by an enemy Sombra so he can’t leap to safety. If Roadhog could throw his hook and get the Winston back to safety, it would be extremely useful in keeping the tank alive.

With Overwatch 2 in development, it will be interesting to see if Blizzard contemplates this idea for the upcoming sequel, as it would surely make Roadhog a much better hero than he is in his current state.

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