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Genius Overwatch rework would make Mei into a tank

Published: 15/May/2020 17:45 Updated: 18/May/2020 12:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Since Overwatch’s release, Mei has been a controversial topic with how Blizzard goes about balancing the ice-based hero. Now, YouTuber ‘Blame The Controller’ has an interesting proposition to turn the 250 HP DPS into a tank.

As it stands, Overwatch only allows for two tanks, two supports, and two DPS ever since the GOATs meta where multiple tanks and supports dominated ranked matches and high ELO games.

With the move to 2-2-2, Mei has become a staple, with a kit that has many tanking properties – something that almost brings us back to the multi-tank days. So trying to rework the hero into a tank through a series of buffs to her wall and HP and nerfs to her damage could be ideal.


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Blizzard Entertainment
Reworking Mei into a tank could put a smile on players’ faces.

As Blame The Controller states, Mei’s kit has tanking properties with three different abilities that can take/deny space and protect teammates in the form of Wall, her primary fire, and Blizzard Ultimate.

Additionally, her Ice Block allows for enhanced survivability as it now only heals her, but makes her immune to any attack for its duration.

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The YouTuber was able to make some changes to Mei with the Workshop Mode to keep the rework very simple to implement.

The biggest problem facing the rework comes in the form of Mei’s character model which is pretty small compared to other tanks. However, two solutions proposed are to increase the size of her backpack, or to just make her a lower-health tank.


Firstly, through a series of tweaks to the character in the Workshop, the YouTuber changed her health from 250 to 350 while lowering the overall health of her Wall.

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Blame The Controller/YouTube
Increasing Mei’s backpack could make her HP more in line with other tanks.

Meanwhile, her damage attacks in the form of her left and right clicks were lowered by five and 10 damage each to make her less of an offensive threat.

Mei’s Wall is the coolest part of the rework. By reducing the health of each pillar while reducing its duration and cooldown to function more like a barrier of sorts.

Finally, in one of the most unique modifications, Blame The Controller added a new passive for the character called “Chilled” which would cause enemies damaged by Mei to do 12% less damage for four seconds.


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Blame The Controller/YouTube
Mei’s Ice Wall would need some big changes.

“This allows Mei to effectively function as a tank and reduce the damage her team while eliminating the frustration factor that would have been associated with a barrier in the way,” he explained.

With Overwatch badly in-need of more tanks and there not being any new heroes until OW2, reworking her could be the solution many fans have been looking for.