Game-breaking Overwatch bug sends Torbjorn’s turret to another dimension

Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch gitch is letting Torbjorn send his turret to another plane of existence where it’s untouchable, but can still attack enemies wherever they are on the map.

Since day one, Tornjorn’s turret has been one of the most annoying abilities to deal with Overwatch. If you don’t kill it, it will definitely kill you – or one of your unlucky teammates.

It’s also one of the most bug-prone items in the whole game, and now, we have another glitch popping up that – with a little help from Mei – lets Torb send the turret into basically another dimension.

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Things seem to happen like this: in the clip below, Torb throws his turret straight up into the air so it will land right on top of Mei, who goes into her Ice Block just before it comes down.

After hitting Mei, the turret falls down on to the ground, and apparently sets up in a completely different area of the map. On close inspection though, it seems that Torb’s turret has actually phased out of the map completely, and now occupies an area of space and time we can’t fully comprehend.

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It can definitely still shoot though, which just makes the ability even more annoying, since the turret can no longer be seen by the enemy team.

As the enemy Tracer runs through to reach the first point on Eichenwalde she starts getting shot from apparently nowhere, just as she would if the turret were visible.

It’s not just on Eichenwalde either; players have managed to recreate this bug on multiple Overwatch maps, which we would definitely say qualifies this one as a “game-breaker”.

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The silver lining is that this bug seems to take a bit of practice to pull off, so the chances of seeing it pop up in Competitive are relatively small, though if you see a Mei and Torb paired up in one of your matches, don’t be surprised if you start getting shot from out of nowhere.

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