Frostbite Cosplay sisters reveal amazing Overwatch outfit collection

Committed members of the Overwatch online community have produced some incredible fan-made designs since the game was released, but there’s a catalog of cosplays being developed by Frostbite Cosplay which might be the most impressive selection of outfits yet.

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A team consisting of two sisters from Arlington, Texas, have been bringing some of the most popular Overwatch heroes to life with their astonishing creative works, but not a lot of people had seen their designs – until now.

After over a year of creating incredible cosplay outfits and hoping other accounts share their designs, they’ve started posting them on Reddit for people to enjoy.

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A closer look at one of their most impressive Overwatch hero cosplays to date, Orisa.

The pair, known as Frostbite Cosplay, were met by members of the Overwatch subreddit with open arms after their posted a number of their custom-made outfits to the page, along with a simple message of: “Some of the Overwatch cosplay my sister and I have built.”

The designs posted to Reddit, which show off the pair’s attention to detail with incredible mechanical parts, include some of the most popular heroes in the game. These include: Zenyatta, Torbjörn, Orisa and more – many of which received compliments in the online thread.

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“Absolutely fantastic,” one Reddit user said, which seemed to be the consensus on the post, but some other people wanted to get to know Frostbite Cosplay a little better. “First of all, holy cow that’s amazing. Secondly, over what period of time did you both make these?” another redditor asked.

“Honestly we’ve kept very few of them,” tacmed85 responded, presumably one of the sisters. “Of these pictured, Orisa is the only one I’ve still got. Although with two more Reinhardts, a Mercy, and a Zarya currently in construction and all our non Overwatch stuff my garage is basically a costume storage unit.”

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There’s no doubt that Frostbite Cosplay will be back with more posts about their 3D outfits in the future. After all, the subreddit seems to have fallen in love with these incredible designs.