Fortnite Ark skin gets ultimate Overwatch Mercy makeover with incredible concept art - Dexerto

Fortnite Ark skin gets ultimate Overwatch Mercy makeover with incredible concept art

Published: 18/Jan/2019 11:00 Updated: 18/Jan/2019 11:01

by Ross Deason


If you’ve seen the new Ark skin in Fortnite and have ever played Overwatch before, you could be forgiven for thinking that it looks an awful lot like Mercy!

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Mercy is one of the Overwatch’s many heroes and has been seen in a number of skin types and outfits over the years, but a number of fans of the Blizzard title also saw a remarkable likeness between her and Fortnite’s ‘Ark’.

The Ark cosmetic set was made available in Fortnite for the first time on January 11 and features a female character with angel wings and a pickaxe called ‘virtue’ that could easily pass as a Caduceus Staff.


Epic GamesFortnite’s Ark skin has a lot of similarities with Mercy.
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One fan of the two games, ‘mizuriofficial’ on Instagram, got the same vibes when he first laid eyes on Ark and decided to give the skin a full Mercy makeover using both her Angel and Devil skins. The result was pretty awesome!

“I haven’t done a Fortnite mashup edit in so so long,” explained the designer. “So when I saw this new skin released by them, I thought I’d bring it back. Fortnite’s ‘Ark’ skin really gave me Mercy (from Overwatch) vibes and so I decided to turn it into both her original and devil skin.”

mizuriofficialWe REALLY want to see a devil version of the Ark skin in Fortnite now.
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If you couldn’t see the similarities between Ark and Mercy beforehand, seeing the Fortnite skin in the classic Overwatch outfits is sure to hammer the point home.


Ark has proven to be a popular skin in the Epic Games title, with players all around the world willing to shell out 2,000 V-Bucks in order to unlock it.

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BlizzardMercy is a support hero in Overwatch.

If you’re an Overwatch fan, you might even expect to hear “heroes never die” escape the skins lips as you battle your way through opponents in Fortnite.

You can view mizuriofficial’s original Instagram post here if you want to see the full devil or angel versions of his concept.