Former Dallas Fuel Tank xQc Comments on the Problems with Reinhardt

Joe O'Brien

Former Dallas Fuel player Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has a message for Blizzard regarding Overwatch hero Reinhardt.

Reinhardt was once a staple of almost every successful composition in Overwatch, a hero almost as ubiquitous in the main tank role as Lúcio once was at Support.

Recently, however, it has instead been Winston claiming the position of preeminent main tank, with the prevalence of the dive meta accounting for a large part of Winston’s play rate. Reinhardt’s decline, however, has also come in part due to his own weaknesses as the game has advanced.

During a recent stream, xQc commented on the issues with Reinhardt, and what he feels need fixing in order to make the hero more rewarding to play.

xQc isn’t the only player to have raised issue with the current state of Reinhardt. Overwatch League analyst Jonathan ‘Reinforce’ Larsson, who was primarily a Reinhardt player during his time as a professional, also recently lamented Reinhardt’s current role in the game.

Blizzard has been working on balancing or reworking several heroes in recent months, with more apparently in the works, but they’ve yet to comment on any plans for Reinhardt.

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