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Fan-made Overwatch hero would add some firepower to tank roster

Published: 2/Jul/2019 0:21 Updated: 2/Jul/2019 0:34

by Bill Cooney


A new fan-made upcoming Overwatch hero named Mauga, who shared a lot of characteristics with the Talon Heavy Assault from the Retribution and Storm Rising Archive events.

Plenty of fans are convinced that Mauga is Overwatch’s Hero 31, but artist Armando Gonzalez-Dorta decided to skip the wait to find out and create his own original tank hero.

Armando Gonzalez DortaLuka is a tank that looks ready for the frontline.
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A new tank? Yes please

Gonzalez-Dorta’s creation is named Luka, and he’s a large, intimidating man wearing riot gear and carrying a weapon that’s probably as big as some of Overwatch’s smaller heroes.

Luka’s weapon is able to shoot the battery packs in his gun and even control them to a degree, which could provide Overwatch’s tanks with some long-range damage capabilities.


Armando Gonzalez-DortaLuka’s weapon looks like it could do some serious damage.
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Visually, Luka looks like he could be related to Zarya, if we’re going off of pure body mass. His armor is olive and grey, which would set him apart from the other tanks and his weapon is an industrial orange.

Gonzalez-Dorta said he made Luka to fill the role of main tank, so he must have a shield or some kind of ability to mitigate damage before it reaches his team, but the artist didn’t get that far into the details about the design.

Armando Gonzalez-DortaLuka looks like he would make a great addition to Overwatch’s tank lineup.
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When will Overwatch get a new hero?

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan did confirm that Hero 31 would be arriving “sometime this Summer”, but he didn’t get any more specific than that.


The Fourth-Annual Summer Games event will start in the second half of August, so if a new hero were to arrive this Summer, before the next event begins would be a perfect time.

Blizzard EntertainmentMauga (center) is a lot of players pick for the next new Overwatch hero.
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Whenever the next Overwatch hero arrives and whatever they end up being, fans are clearly ready for another addition to the game’s lineup of heroes.