Fan creates Ana and Widowmaker skin concepts for original Overwatch event

Blizzard Entertainment/Toysovore

One Overwatch fan has continued their quest to create an entirely original Overwatch event with new fairy tale-themed skins for Ana and Widowmaker.

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Overwatch has typically had the same events every year, Lunar New Year, Summer games and so on. So, in an effort to shake things up artist Toysovore decided to create their own, completely original event.

Called “Once Upon a Time” Toysovore’s event is fairy tale-themed and they’ve already created awesome event skins for Pharah as well as Reinhardt – now it’s Ana and Widowmaker’s turn.

ToysovoreToyso did a great job with Reinhardt’s Beauty and the Beast-themed skin.
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“Grandma, what big Sleep Darts you have!”

Thanks to Toysovore, Hanzo is no longer the only Overwatch hero to rock a wolf pelt. Instead of being eaten by the wolf, as the Red Riding Hood story goes, Ana obviously showed him she was the wrong grandma to mess with.

Ana has been given some red grandma slippers, what looks like a bathrobe and the big bad wolf’s head as a hat to top it all off, her Biotic Rifle and even her Sleep Dart pistol have been made fairy tale friendly.

ToysovoreAna even included some of that poor wolf’s pelt on her rifle.

Plus it would go great with Pharah’s Red Riding Hood skin, that Toysovore also made for the Once Upon a Time event – which is all starting to come together.

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ToysovoreThat wolf messed with the wrong grandma.
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Next up is Rapunzel Widowmaker, which is a frontrunner for the craziest hair of any hero or skin in Overwatch.

Since Rapunzel’s hair is officially classified as a rappelling device, according to the fairy tales, it would be hilarious if her grapple hook was also made out of her hair for this skin.

ToysovoreWidowmaker probably doesn’t need anyone to come and help rescue her.
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When’s the next official Overwatch event?

The next Overwatch event up is Summer Games, which Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan said would start sometime around the beginning of August.

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August 1 actually falls on a Thursday this year, one of the days of the week that Blizzard likes to put out Overwatch updates, which could make it a good candidate for the beginning of Summer Games.

One fan who was obviously more than ready for the event has even created an original Roadhog emote and offered to let Blizzard use it, free of charge, for the upcoming event.

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This could mean that at the time of writing we are less than a month away from the beginning of Summer Games, which means new skins and cosmetics could be here before we know it.

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