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Devious Overwatch trick makes Junkrat a sneaky flanker on Hanamura

Published: 13/Feb/2020 2:21

by Alan Bernal


Overwatch players are starting to use a powerful flank on Hanamura that lets Junkrat wreak game-winning havoc on the enemy team.

Blizzard’s Australian anarchist has a devastating ultimate ability called Rip Tire that deals huge amounts of damage to players, but it can sometimes be hard to get through the enemy’s frontline considering its pretty easy to hear it coming.

A crafty maneuver while playing defense at the B point on Hanamura can make that problem all but gone, giving Junkrat a clear opening to the squishy backline.

Junkrat has a lot of tools to devise a devious flank.

In a Reddit post, user ‘Great-British-gaming’ showed how to get the most out of a small window opening to jump across to the patio on the other side of the lawn.


The clip shows Junkrat firing off some shots to the opponent’s Reinhardt, giving the other team a heads up on where they were playing.

That’s when the player threw down a Concussion Mine and waited for his other explosive to come out of cooldown – all the while they carefully angled themselves to hop over the terrace.

One of my favourite flanks in the game from Overwatch

Speeding over the roof, they threw another mine to give them the last bit of boost they needed to complete the jump.

After landing, Junkrat had the entire team’s back turned to him, with the closest targets being their Mercy, Ana, and Soldier 76.


The player immediately activated their ultimate since there was nothing stopping them from taking out the opponent’s high-profile targets.

Great-British-gaming via Reddit
The flank gave Junkrat a clean view at important targets.

The bravery was well-rewarded, Junkrat’s ult cleared out the patio and lit up the kill feed with five entries to their name.

While it was an impressive play, some people can already see how the maneuver can horribly backfire.

One user wrote: “I can already picture myself trying this, failing horribly and just feeding. Over and over and over again.”

Hanamura has a ton of verticality to make insane plays, just don’t screw them up.

The risk may be worth the reward since Junkrat relies on his craftiness to get the best angle on the other team. Players have been getting better at paying attention to the Rip Tire’s sound queue to blast it en-route to its destination.


This flank on Hanamura could be one of the best chances to land a fatal blow to a team looking to make a last-ditch push to the objective.