Dallas Fuel’s uNKOE Demonstrates His Sniping Skills With Flawless Widowmaker Play

L: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Dallas Fuel support player Benjamin ‘uNKOE’ Chevasson showed off his mechanical skills with a flawless Widowmaker five-kill in ranked play.

Despite playing support as a professional, uNKOE demonstrated he’s more than capable of dealing out damage with a Widowmaker highlight worthy of any DPS player.

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While “support” players might often be overlooked in favor of the mechanical flair of DPS players, in Overwatch the existence of heroes like Ana and Zenyatta has resulted in elite Support players needing to be extremely mechanically gifted as well as having the suite of positional and decision-making skills necessary to perform all of the other demands of a great support.

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At his pre-OWL peak, uNKOE was known as one of the world’s best Ana players. In the Overwatch League itself Ana has never been given much space, overshadowed by a variety of other support heroes throughout, but there was a time when she was practically omnipresent. At that time, uNKOE’s skill with the support sniper was matched by very few others.

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It seems that uNKOE’s sniper abilities haven’t been lost, despite their neglect at a professional level. While streaming ranked play, uNKOE pulled off an incredible sequence of Widowmaker kills, landing eight consecutive shots, of which six were headshots, to close out a game on Volskaya.

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