Dallas Fuel’s Effect Shows Off Insane Widowmaker Skills in Ranked Overwatch

Joe O'Brien. Last updated: Sep 05, 2018
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Dallas Fuel DPS Hwang ‘Effect’ Hyeon showed off his insane Widowmaker skills while streaming ranked Overwatch.

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It was recently announced that Effect had been re-signed to the Dallas Fuel along with six of his Season One team-mates. Effect was the stand-out player for Dallas throughout a largely disappointing season, but questions were raised about his future as a professional player after he returned home to Korea, missing Stage 4.

Fortunately for fans of incredible Overwatch play, Effect is in fact returning as a competitor, and Fuel fans in particular will be very glad to see the team’s star player return for Season Two. Effect is currently back in the US, where he’s been streaming ranked play and showing that he hasn’t lost a step despite his brief hiatus.

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Though known primarily for his Tracer play, during a recent stream Effect showed off his incredible Widowmaker skills, dominating a game on Junkertown featuring several Overwatch League players.

Playing on the defensive side in the map’s second stage, Effect rebuffed the enemy push single-handedly, killing five members of the enemy team but falling short of the sixth in rather amusing fashion.

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Later in the game Effect pulled off another huge play, wiping out the enemy once again to end the round.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Season Two of the Overwatch League begins to see Effect back in action on stage, as he won’t appear in the Overwatch World Cup. Season Two is expected to kick off in early 2019, although it’s possible that pre-season show-matches could take place in December 2018 if the league imitates the Season One schedule.