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Cryptic Overwatch message finally hints at Hero 32 coming soon

Published: 16/Mar/2020 17:38

by Michael Gwilliam


The official Overwatch Twitter account is teasing the arrival of a new hero coming soon in the form of a “Personal Log” file belonging to the character of “Liao.”

In the game’s lore, Liao was one of the founding members of Overwatch, but not much is known about them.

“Fragment Recovered: Personal Log of Dr. Mina Liao,” the account tweeted alongside an image of a log file.

Blizzard Entertainment
Who will Hero 32 be?

The log file references how Soldier 76, referred to as ‘Jack,’ approved a new project after the success of an “Athena prototype” potentially talking about Echo.

The file continues to add that people are “scared” of the Omnics.

According to the log, the new project would help people “understand that the potential of artificial life is so much greater than what we have to gain by treating them as our property.”

It’s unclear who the character being teased is, but Overwatch has a history of using these log files to hype up and tease heroes before revealing them.

They also sometimes have a history of misdirection. For example, when Brigitte was first teased, many believed the teasers pointed to Jetpack Cat or another hero being announced.

Liao has been rumored for quite some time. Even in 2020, former lead Overwatch writer Michael Chu wrote that Liao was “definitely still an important character” and there was “more to come.”

It’d also possible that the tease could be for the character of Echo, who was first unveiled at BlizzCon 2018 during the Reunion animated short. Could Echo be the “Athena prototype” referenced in the log? As Dexerto previously reported, French streamer Altheaow claimed to know when the next hero was coming and what class they’d belong to.

In a March 4 broadcast, he claimed that French commentator AlphaCast told him that a new hero coming either at the middle or end of the month. “Spoiler alert, this is a support,” he said during the stream.

It seems like these rumors may have been accurate after all. So far it’s anyone’s guess as to who the hero is, but all eyes will be on Blizzard now that the hype has officially begun.


Overwatch pros reacts as Gamsu announces return to LoL

Published: 21/Oct/2020 10:09

by Lauren Bergin


Noh ‘Gamsu’ Yeong-Jin of Dallas Fuel has announced his departure from the Overwatch League in an emotional post– but there’s a twist. 

On October 17, Dallas Fuel main tank Gamsu officially announced his retirement from professional Overwatch.

With a track record that included positions on dominant teams such as the Shanghai Dragons, Gamsu’s announcement has truly rocked the Overwatch world. Not many could have predicted this to play out like it has.

While the announcement attracted a wave of disappointed fan tweets lamenting the announcement, Gamsu’s retirement, it also caught the attention of several notable figures in the Overwatch community.

OWL caster Soe Gschwind expressed her support by tweeting that she wishes him “all the best for the future”, commenting on his play style as being a “joy” to watch.


In addition to Soe, a collection of OWL players from across multiple different teams came together to wish Gamsu the best for his future. Notable names included Houston Outlaws’ DPS Jeffrey ‘blasé’ Tsang, Boston Uprising’s main tank Cameron ‘Fusions’ Bosworth and Seb ‘numlocked’ Barton of Toronto Defiant.

A final tweet from Jon Spector, the Vice President of the Overwatch League encapsulated the feelings of fans and colleagues alike, where he congratulated Gamsu for being ‘at the top of the world’ in both of his professional game titles: Overwatch and League of Legends.

Gamsu returns to League of Legends

Dallas Observer
Dallas Observer
While Dallas Fuel have lost a legend, LoL has gained a new one.

Despite what seemed to be a devastating announcement for the Overwatch scene, there’s a silver lining: Gamsu is returning to League of Legends.

Before he made his name on the Overwatch stage the star player made a name for himself as the top laner for League of Legends behemoths Fnatic, with his skills helping score Fnatic third place in the 2016 EU LCS (the predecessor to the current European Championship, the LEC).

His return to the rift spark a great deal of discussion, with the most notable comment coming from current Golden Guardians support Choi ‘huhi’ Jae-Hyun tweeting “GAMSU TOP?”

The news even caught the attention of former Overwatch player turned Valorant pro for FaZe Shane ‘Rawkus’ Flaherty, who reminisced over Gamsu’s dominant performance as a top laner during his EU LCS days.

It’s safe to say that Gamsu had an amazing Overwatch career, but although he leaves the OWL behind he is back on the rift and ready to take on Runeterra.

League of Legends fans will be excited to see the return of a familiar face, and current professional players had best be ready for the return of a giant.