Crazy Overwatch trick gives Sombra a perfect Pharah counter

Overwatch Sombra Pharah CounterBlizzard Entertainment

Pharah has become a pretty popular pick in Overwatch over the years, but fellow DPS Sombra has the perfect counter to the Middle Eastern hero’s tricks in Total Mayhem Mode. 

When it comes to Pharah, Overwatch’s iconic Egyptian hero, players love her or hate her. With insane mobility, powerful rockets and an ultimate that is an easy team wide wipe, she’s a nightmare for many players.

She’s been made even stronger thanks to buffs to her Hover Jets in the March 11 update. Rediscovering her spot in the meta, fans everywhere have been trying her out to see how she ticks.

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One Sombra player, however, has discovered an insane trick that will make sure Pharah is banished back into the realms of low pick rate.

Perfect Sombra counter for Pharah

Overwatch Sombra counter for PharahBlizzard Entertainment
Pharah is back and causing some chaos, but Sombra’s here to save the day.

While a lot of Sombra players focus on using her Translocator to get themselves out of sticky situations, a new trick shows how it can be used offensively to take down Pharah in Total Mayhem.

As seen on Reddit, the Mexican hacker sneaks up behind an unsuspecting Pharah by throwing her translocators into the air and using them as a bridge. From there, she hacks the Egyptian, who then drops into Sombra’s team and gets obliterated.

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To utilize this trick yourselves, it’s important to:

  • Make sure you know Sombra’s Translocator mechanics.
    • On standard keybinds, E drops the Translocator and is used to teleport back to it.
  • Angle the Translocator upwards to ‘climb’ through the air.
  • Repeat until you’re behind the enemy, then hack them.
  • Continue this until you’re back on solid ground.

This works great against Pharah, because she’ll drop out of the sky when hacked, hopefully into the void or your teammates waiting arms.

While it takes a bit of practice, using Sombra’s Translocator like this is a great way to surprise the enemy and claim a Play of the Game just like the one above.

So is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Sombra, and she’s coming for you Pharah so watch out!

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