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Crazy Overwatch tech lets D.Va Super Jump out of exploding MEKA

Published: 8/Aug/2020 19:36

by Theo Salaun


Between the worlds of Overwatch bugs and techs, there lies a fine line walked by the Super Jump. While Mercy’s secret Super Jump has become widespread, it appears that there is an even rarer D.Va jump.

When D.Va sends out her Self-Destruct, she ejects from her MEKA and is left in vulnerable baby form for a moment. Typically, she simply plops out and is an easy target for enemies bold enough to fire at her before getting into cover — but there have been mumblings of a Super Jump that enables her to get out of harm’s way.


In one of D.Va’s highlight intros, she can be seen jettisoning from her MEKA with impressive verticality. That mobility is typically unavailable when leaving your mech during actual games, but Overwatch players are, and have been, discovering that it may be replicated.

While you can’t pull off the midair flips of her highlight intro, it appears that you can replicate the hops. In a clip from GorillaQuesadiIla on Reddit, they send their MEKA to bomb the other team while defending Horizon Lunar Colony’s second point and, upon ejection, jump all the way above the overlooking steel beams.

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That type of verticality can typically only be achieved by characters like Pharah and Winston, let alone a Zero Suit Hana Song. But when asked how they were able to pull this off, they replied “honestly I don’t even know, I was really confused.”

Upon further research, it is most certainly confusing and very hard to replicate. Although it doesn’t appear to be a bug, it’s a much more complicated in-game tech than something like Mercy’s Super Jump. 

According to another Reddit user, Shnig1, this has actually been a thing for a while. They’ve determined a process for it, but aren’t fully certain that it’s the only method: boost, cancel boost with a melee, jump, and then ult. 


At the moment, it remains unclear whether or not this tech is intentional or if it’s a bug. Mercy’s Super Jump remains in the game, so it’s possible that players should feel free to learn this trick in the meantime.

Should they want to, it will take a ton of experimentation. The timing needed feels very specific and the inputs are relatively complicated when compared to other in-game techs. Still, should players begin figuring it out, it could help take their D.Va play to a new level — pun intended.