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Crazy Overwatch car jump trick lets players rocket jump to new heights

Published: 3/Mar/2020 19:55

by Michael Gwilliam


The Overwatch map Oasis is best known for its jump pads and cars, which normally result in death if they connect with a player. That said, a new trick can not only let you survive, but also get in insanely good positions.

Overwatch streamer Redemption was playing Zarya on Oasis and had just built up a Graviton Surge Ultimate thanks to some extra damage from a friendly Ana’s Nano Boost.

The top-500 player noticed the enemy team was grouping up by their chokepoint to push in as a unit and capture the objective.

Blizzard Entertainment
Zarya isn’t exactly the hero who comes to mind when you think mobility.

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With some smart on-the-fly thinking, the Zarya decided to apply the personal projected barrier and walk in front of the oncoming cars. Then, just before a car hit him, he performed a “rocket jump” ability to gain a bit of extra height.


Rocket jumps are movement techs that allow for heroes with knockback-based attacks to gain a bit of extra air time than they otherwise would get from a standard jump.

This means, with a hero like Soldier 76, you could use a Helix Rocket while jumping to gain height needed to clear large gaps. That said, Redemption used the tech in a completely unique way.

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Because he still had the projected barrier, he didn’t die when the car hit him and, when combined with the Rocket Jump move, he was able to gain an insane amount of air time and jump right over a wall.


The enemy team never knew what hit them and Redemption used the Graviton Surge to bring all his adversaries together in a group to be wiped by his squad.

“That was f**king crazy!” the streamer exclaimed with glee.

Blizzard Entertainment
Seat belts, everyone.

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In theory, as long as a character has a Projected Barrier applied to them and rocket jumps, they should be able to clear the wall just as Redemption did.

Despite being on the market for nearly four years, it’s neat to see what cool tricks people are still discovering in Overwatch.