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Clever Overwatch tactic makes Bastion incredibly mobile

Published: 23/Sep/2019 14:51 Updated: 23/Sep/2019 15:03

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch team showed off a creative strategy that allowed Bastion to bypass the enemy team’s shields and tear them apart.

Bastion is one of the highest damage-dealers in the game, capable of pumping out incredible amounts of sustained damage while in turret form.


The drawback to that capacity is that Bastion is also among the least mobile heroes in the game, which in many cases can mean that coordinated teams can either shut him down, or simply out-manoeuvre him relatively easily.

In organized competition, then, Bastion has historically been limited to scenarios in which the enemy team is forced to engage him directly, such as with “pirate ship” compositions which see the team stack up on the payload as it moves, or “bunker” compositions play around a single defensive point.

Blizzard EntertainmentBastion’s biggest weakness is usually his mobility.

Overwatch team Battle Gold came up with a solution to this problem, however. By pairing him with a Symmetra on the defensive side of Volskaya, they were able to quickly relocate Bastion without him having to leave turret form at all, by placing teleporters beneath him to take him between the various rooftops.

By jumping him back and forth between buildings, Bastion was able to constantly fire at the enemies on the control point from different angles, opening up direct lines of sight around their barriers and cover.

Symmetra has proven one of the more powerful Damage heroes herself in the role queue era so far, ranking among the most successful at all ranks, so picking her alongside the Bastion doesn’t take away from the other DPS slot in the way the Symmetra of old might have.


It also means that Bastion doesn’t necessarily need the level of resources from the rest of the team – instead of setting up an entire bunker around him, working in partnership with the Symmetra should allow Bastion to play more independently of the squad, and simply be teleported to safety when necessary.


Insane Overwatch Wrecking Ball Tracer combo obliterates enemy teams

Published: 20/Oct/2020 0:14

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to find some new synergy between two unlikely heroes should look no further than a lethal combination with Tracer and Wrecking Ball.

Wrecking Ball can be one of the most annoying heroes in the game to deal with, constantly booping people away while remaining in his ball form.


Meanwhile, Tracer can do very much of the same, buzzing in the backline, harassing supports and just being a general menace to deal with thanks to her Blinks, Recall and small hit box.

Together, the threat of Tracer and Wrecking Ball can really dominate uncoordinated teams, but with a little coordination on their own part, the two can destroy entire groups with a neat ultimate attack.

Wrecking Ball piledrives enemies on Junkertown
Blizzard Entertainment
Wrecking Ball can be a major threat in the back line.

As demonstrated by Twitch streamer ‘rene_ow,’ the Masters ranked Hammond player spotted a pack of enemies all grouped up on the Busan map.

After grappling to go in for a major boop on the four, the player’s allied Tracer blinked in and stuck her Pulse Bomb on the McCree.

With the McCree booped into the rest of the adversaries, the result ended up being a massive quad kill, with both supports and DPS heroes on the enemy team eliminated swiftly.


The insane combo was well-received by the team, which celebrated the quad kill. “That was nuts!” they cried with glee.

Perhaps the best part of this combo is that you don’t need the stick to connect. In theory, you can have Wrecking Ball knock the enemies towards Tracer or her Pulse Bomb radius to secure the frags.

This type of team play may take some serious effort to get right, but if you have a partner you synergize well with, it’s always possible that this combination can help you win Overwatch games, and rank up in style.