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ChipSa’s big-brain Doomfist strategy ends in disaster on King’s Row

Published: 20/Feb/2020 0:45

by Brad Norton


Philip ‘ChipSa’ Graham might be known for his extraordinary capabilities on Overwatch’s mobile DPS hero, yet even the veteran Doomfist player was frustrated at the outcome of this crazy King’s Row rollout.

While ChipSa’s signing to the Philadelphia Fusion led to an enormous debate within the Overwatch community, there’s no denying that his Doomfist skills are up there with some of the best on the competitive ladder.

Although he hasn’t competed on an Overwatch League stage just yet, the veteran continues to stream and share his often stunning tactics with the community. His latest extraordinary rollout didn’t quite go to plan, however.


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Having climbed into the Top 500 once again, ChipSa found himself in a high-ranked lobby alongside a number of the most dedicated Overwatch players. 

Starting out his attacking effort on King’s Row, the streamer left the spawn room on Doomfist. An odd choice for that particular section of the Hybrid map, but he seemed confident that the niche pick would pay off.

“I want to do a play,” he told his team as they advanced through the choke point. While charging up his Rocket Punch ability, he called out the enemy Widowmaker and encouraged his team to push onto the point while he tried to make his way over to the sniper.


Crashing into the wall upon his first attempt however, perhaps he should have taken that as a warning sign of things to come.

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Lining up the perfect angle once again, he charged into an angled piece of the statue and launched himself into the sky. 

Soaring overhead of the enemy team, he utilized the Seismic Slam ability to crash down onto the high ground and get the jump on the enemy sniper.

Unfortunately, the near highlight-worthy play wasn’t meant to be as he took a heap of damage from the Widowmaker before collapsing due to her toxic Venom Mine.


With no Support heroes able to heal him in time, his health quickly dwindled away as he leaned towards the camera with both thumbs up and a sarcastic smile showing his frustration in the moment.   

Doomfist is known his powerful movement-based combinations.

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Amusingly enough, the streamer appears to have somewhat of a grudge with the deadly sniper, even tracking the number of competitive matches “ruined by Widowmaker” throughout his latest session.

While the play was moments away from being a highlight for the ages, it goes to show how even the most experienced veterans can be caught off guard by the most predictable abilities in Overwatch.