Boston Uprising Survives Second Series to Extend Quarter-Final Against Philadelphia Fusion

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Boston Uprising defeated Philadelphia Fusion to stay alive in the Overwatch League quarter-finals.

The Uprising pulled off a 3-1 victory in the second series of their quarter-final match, tying the match score at 1-1.

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Boston entered the series on the back foot, having lost the opening series of the match earlier in the week. The quarter-final is a best-of-three of best-of-five series, meaning that one of the two teams needs to win two series to advance to the semi-finals.

Despite having the higher seed, Boston was arguably the underdog coming into the quarter-final, having ended the regular season on an underwhelming note. That appraisal seemed to play out in the opening series, with Philadelphia taking it in a fairly convincingly 3-1 of their own.

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The match will now be determined by a final best-of-five series, with the winner moving onto the semi-finals. Due to the re-seeding for the semi-finals, if the Boston Uprising advance they will face the LA Valiant, while the Philadelphia Fusion will play New York Excelsior should they succeed in securing a semi-final spot.

Unlike the previous series, which were separated by two days, the final series of the match will follow on immediately, perhaps giving the Uprising an advantage in momentum. As the higher seed, Boston will also select maps one, three, and five, while Philadelphia will only choose two and four.

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