Boston Uprising Announces Partnership with Shaving Company Gillette

Boston Uprising has announced a partnership with shaving product company Gillette.

The deal will see Gillette branding featured on Boston Uprising practice jerseys and throughout the team’s practice facility, but seemingly not on their on-stage jerseys, despite each team being able to fill a single sponsor slot on their main jerseys should they choose, as seen with the likes of Dallas Fuel’s Jack-in-the-Box sponsorship. The Boston Uprising does not currently have such a sponsor.

The partnership comes as no huge surprise, given that Gillette is a Boston-based company and they have a long-standing relationship with the Kraft Group, which owns the Uprising. The Kraft-owned New England Patriots and New England revolution currently play out of the Gillette Stadium, after Gillette secured the naming rights in 2002.

This is by no means the first foray into esports for Gillette, with previous sponsorships including legendary LoL player xPeke, Team SoloMid, and IEM Katowice in 2017.

Murray Kohl, Vice President of Corporate Sales for Kraft Sports & Entertainment, said of the deal:

“It is with great pleasure that we present Gillette as the first official sponsor of the Boston Uprising. We’re confident that our fans, as well as the entire Overwatch community, will appreciate and embrace the forward-thinking nature of Gillette. They have been a proud partner of Kraft Sports & Entertainment for nearly two decades and we felt strongly about the opportunity to bring such a distinguished brand to the forefront of esports.”

Greg Via, global head of sports, esports and entertainment marketing at Gillette, also commented on the partnership:

“For more than a century, Gillette has worked with leading professional sports leagues and athletes. As the esports world continues to grow, we’re looking forward to expanding our partnership with the Kraft Sports & Entertainment and our roster of esports athletes to include Boston Uprising.”

Boston Uprising has been something of a revelation in the Overwatch League. Entering as distinct underdogs, consistency throughout the league and a phenomenal run in Stage 3 currently sees them in second place in the overall standings, and undefeated at the top of the stage rankings.

The team is already locked into the stage playoffs, and barring a disastrous fourth stage should be fairly secure in reaching the $1.5million season playoffs.

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