Blizzard Will Compensate Overwatch Players Impacted by Broken Lootboxes After Latest Patch

Blizzard will be compensating Overwatch players who received “broken” lootboxes with replacements after a bug occurred in the latest patch.

The most recent Overwatch update brought with it a brand-new hero in the form of Wrecking Ball, along with making various hero adjustments and fixing an extensive list of bugs.

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Unfortunately, the patch was also responsible for a game bug itself. After the update went live, players began to notice an issue with loot boxes – they were receiving far more duplicates of items they already owned than usual, and no cosmetics for the new hero.

Fortunately, Blizzard has responded quickly to the issue, which has been fixed within hours of it first being identified. 

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As compensation for anyone who was affected by the bug, however, Blizzard will be granting one extra loot box for every loot box they received during the time it was live – a particular boon for anyone who bought a large stack of boxes to celebrate the new hero launch.

The bug only affected standard Loot Boxes, so anyone who had a Golden loot box to use or received the Wrecking Ball loot boxes by being a Twitch Prime member won’t be receiving extras of these.