Blizzard reveals Jack-o-Lantern skin for Wrecking Ball

by Vincent Genova


Everyone’s favorite genetically engineered death hamster, Wrecking Ball, is getting an all new skin for Overwatch’s Halloween event.


The skin transforms Wrecking Ball’s mech into a Jack-o-Lantern and also gives Hammond a new, wide smile look to match.

Wrecking Ball’s new skin will be its first event exclusive since the character launched on July 24.


Hammond turns into a demonic creature with an apparent sack over his head and pointy ears sticking out.

His mech control panel features a lit candle, which may be visible in first person view while playing Wrecking Ball.

A fan designed a Wrecking Ball skin for the Halloween event that turns Hammond into Cinderella and the mech into a chariot.


Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event begins on October 9 and runs until October 31. A number of event skins have already been revealed, including a headless Pharah and a spider Widowmaker.