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Bizarre Overwatch glitch lets Tracer “super jump”

Published: 16/Jan/2020 12:44

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player encountered a bug on Blizzard World that launched Tracer into the air in a type of “super jump.”

While attacking the first capture point on Blizzard World, Reddit user awimsatt was battling for the high ground on the ‘Flight to Duskworld’ ride as Tracer when something bizarre occurred.

After attempting to Blink over one of the griffin carts that runs along the ride’s tracks, Tracer was launched into the air and over the roof of the building, ultimately landing back near the capture point.

Tracer’s new super jump glitch from r/Overwatch

Another player, Reddit user ScorelessPine, was able to recreate this bug, and came up with a theory as to what was going on.


It looks like using Tracer’s Blink may preserve some of the momentum she had before the dash. The ‘Flight to Duskwood’ ride features a slight ramp as it comes out into the open, and it seems that if Tracer uses her Blink at the right moment from on top of the griffin as it turns upwards, this momentum will cause her to go flying into the air.

Tracer might be one of the game’s fastest heroes, but the one thing her kit lacks is vertical mobility. Fortunately for anyone who might be concerned about how powerful a flying Tracer could be, it doesn’t look like this glitch can be exploited in the wider game.


With the bug apparently being tied to an interaction in this very specific place, it doesn’t appear that it can be used as a deliberate technique for a tactical advantage beyond very niche circumstances on Blizzard World – unlike, for instance, the Brigitte Shield Bash bug which originally allowed her to use a variety of slanted surfaces to launch her skywards.

Blizzard have yet to respond to the glitch, but as it doesn’t appear to have a massive effect on gameplay, players shouldn’t have to worry too much about how long a fix may take. For those that do wish to try it themselves, however, it certainly seems to make the ‘Flight to Duskwood’ ride more thrilling.