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Bizarre Overwatch glitch causes matches to end way too early

Published: 16/Feb/2020 0:24

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players have noticed a strange glitch happening during games that seems to reset the teams and send every hero back to spawn.

Glitches are nothing new to Overwatch, but most of them aren’t truly “game-breaking” unlike a recent one that seems to be popping up.

The glitch in question is definitely annoying, and could kill any momentum a team has by forcing them to reset and start back in spawn.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe glitch sends heroes back to spawn, so at least your team is grouped up together.

Reddit user INeonDino captured the glitch in action before posted the clip online, and at first it looks like a latency issue rather than a glitch or bug.


The player’s Hammond attempts to move around but seems to be stuck in place by an invisible rubber band – an all too familiar feeling for players who have had to deal with high ping while playing Overwatch.

Unlike a latency issue, the game doesn’t disconnect. Instead, the player and their team are all sent back to spawn while the match “resets.”

weird glitch made us win the game from Overwatch

Rather than a glitch, this could be an example of a server issue on Blizzard’s end, since players from both teams seemed to experience the effects.

Connection and server issues are nothing new to Overwatch either, especially following a new patch, like we just got on February 13.


But the glitch didn’t cost NeonDino and his team the match, in fact, it probably helped them win since it gave the enemy team even less time to try and come back to capture the point.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
The enemy team had precious little time after the glitch to try and come back.

The good news is that the glitch, or connection issue, or whatever it technically is, doesn’t seem to be happening to everyone, and if it does happen to you, your match should just restart.