Artist brings amazing original Overwatch hero concept to life

Blizzard Entertainment

One Overwatch fan and artist has created an original hero for the game based on nothing more than some early character/hero concept art.

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Overwatch was released in 2016 and it’s pretty entertaining to go back and see how Blizzard went about making the game and it’s unique lineup of heroes.

Illustrator Giulio Sciaccaluga decided to take one of the concept heroes known as “Recluse” and expand them into a fully-fleshed out Overwatch hero based on little more than their headshot.

Giulio SciaccalugaRecluse looks so good, you have to wonder why she didn’t make the cut.
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Giving Widowmaker a run for her money

Recluse would be a spider-themed character so there would definitely be some competion between her and Widowmaker, luckily though, Recluse doesn’t seem to be another sniper.

“The name Recluse was there, but not that much hype surrounded the beautiful spider lady,” Sciaccaluga said of their creation. “Also she was excluded from being a future playable character, so I decided to create a true concept inspired by the original art Blizzard released and make this crazy hero real.”

Sciaccaluga did a great job of giving Recluse her own unique look that would totally fit into the Overwatch universe as well.

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Giulio SciaccalugaWhatever you call those things where her arms should be, you can’t deny they look pretty cool.
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She has pink hair – which means her and Zarya probably go to the same stylist – but the defining feature is definitely her large biomechanical-looking arms/wings/claws/whatever they are.

Recluse is able to transform between human and spider form, which switches her attack from melee to ranged, respectively, and also has the ability to shoot lasers out of her mouth.

Giulio SciaccalugaDon’t make Recluse raise her voice, we’re begging you.
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The craziest part about Recluse may be her Spider Bots, which she can instruct to follow either herself, an ally or an enemy around. When following an ally they would provide buffs and be detrimental to any enemy they encountered.

Recluse may not have made the cut to get into Overwatch, but that won’t stop us from wondering what the game could be like with her included, if only.

Giulio SciaccalugaRecluse’s Spider Bots might have even inspired as many memes as Torbjörn’s turret.
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When’s the next new Overwatch hero arriving?

There’s been a lot of talk about a character introduced in Baptiste’s “What You Left Behind” short story named Mauga that some fans think is a shoo-in for Hero 31.

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Blizzard of course haven’t confirmed or denied anything about Hero 31 yet, but Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan did say earlier in the year that Hero 31 would arrive “sometime this summer,” whenever that ends up being.

Whoever or whatever Hero 31 ends up being, it’s clear Overwatch fans are more than ready for another new hero to add to the roster.