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7 extremely rare Overwatch map tricks you need to know to win

Published: 1/Jun/2020 4:32

by Brad Norton


Whether you’re an Overwatch veteran, or just starting out, there’s always something new to learn. Here’s a breakdown of the most unorthodox movement tricks in the game to give you a leg up in your next match.

If you feel as though you’ve recently hit a plateau in the competitive Overwatch grind, subtle tips and tricks are often the best way to improve. Regardless of which heroes you play, popular Overwatch streamer ‘Yeatle’ has broken down a wide array of movement tricks that could give you a bump.

From uncommon hiding spots to shortcuts through an objective, there’s something for everyone to take away. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the best spots in Overwatch that you might not know.


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1. Eichenwalde

Starting out on Eichenwalde, there’s a relatively simple way for players to climb up high in the second phase. Without soaring through the sky or climbing walls, a few well-timed jumps on the left side of the castle door can get you onto the wooden vantage point. This can be surprisingly beneficial in overtime fights with enemies flooding back onto the payload.

2. Route 66

Moving to Route 66, there’s a shockingly long jump that heroes are able to make with one big catch, Wooden barriers on the second phase of the map have to be intact. If they are, jump atop the beam on the second floor and you can actually launch across to the high ground where Defenders emerge.


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Players can jump from the second floor of High Side to the defending spawn.

3. Junkertown

The next ‘must-know’ trick on Junkertown could get less-mobile heroes into an unexpected position on the high-ground. When defending the third phase of the map, climbing onto the rotating platform can be done in four quick jumps. Enemies might be stumped when they see Ana up-high for the first time.

4. Nepal

On Nepal, players can get back onto the objective on Shrine without going up the expected stairs. One easy jump onto the Gong against the wall and your character will surprisingly clip on top of it. From here you can rejoin the fight at an unexpected angle.


5. Illios

While the Ruins stage on Illios typically plays to the favor of Widowmaker, a key movement trick can help you shut the sniper down. Typically high-ground surrounding this objective is impossible to reach without a mobile hero.

However, scaling rocks on the left side of the map allows you to simply jump to the sniping perch. 

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A gong just like this can be used as a mantle to climb back to Shrine’s objective on Nepal.

6. Temple of Anubis

If your team desperately needs Reinhardt to defend the first point on Temple of Anubis, there’s a surprising path to get back in a jiffy. Climbing up the stones out of the left-hand spawn, will set the Tank up for a perfectly aligned Charge.


Using the ability will get you over the first gap and even the broken bridge if timed just right. Enemies would always expect to see Rein coming through the main-choke, not behind the objective.

7. King’s Row

Junkrat can get himself out of sight on King’s Row while still being a pain for the enemy team. Using a Concussion Mine to launch upwards, there’s a secret – perhaps unintended- spot for the hero to sit.

A piece of fabric covers his entire character model making it a surefire way to avoid detection. This could lead to some clutch Rip-Tire plays.

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Launching up on the third phase of King’s Row could just help win a pivotal team fight.

100 of these unique little tips are on display throughout Yeatle’s full video. Regardless of map, hero, or playstyle, there are plenty of tidbits for everyone to take onboard.

If you’re a Silver looking to crack Gold, or a Grand Master player pushing for Top 500, subtle tricks such as these, could be the difference between a win and a loss.