Marshawn Lynch trolls every 49ers fan in sight following Super Bowl loss

Hunter Haas
Marshawn Lynch trolls San Francisco 49ers fans following brutal Super Bowl LVIII lossYouTube: Official LOL Network; YouTube: Official NFL

One of the most heated rivalries in the NFL is between the Las Vegas Raiders and San Francisco 49ers, so former Raider Marshawn Lynch wasted little time rubbing salt in the wound following the Niners’ loss at Super Bowl LVIII.

The Raiders were born in the Bay Area over six decades ago. The franchise called Oakland and Los Angeles home until the team relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2020.

The 49ers pre-date the Silver and Black, as San Francisco’s debut season was way back in 1944. The organization has resided in Southern California for the entirety of its existence.

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Although the Raiders moved to Vegas a few years back, the passionate rivalry between two former Bay Area foes is as intense as ever. From social media jokes to full-on brawls in the crowd, it’s a shared hatred between both sides.

Marshawn Lynch trolls 49ers fans after Super Bowl loss

After a brutal Super Bowl LVIII loss, Marshawn Lynch, a former Raider and lifelong Raiders fan, kicked the 49ers while they were down.

Affectionately known as “Beast Mode,” the Super Bowl-winning ball carrier has amassed an extensive following since retiring from the league.

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In a viral video, Lynch tracked down every single 9ers fan he could find after the Super Bowl. Whenever someone confirmed their fandom, Lynch hit them with a simple yet effective two-word response. Warning: It is not safe for work.

Lynch can be heard immediately uttering “F*** you!” to any Niners fan brave enough to answer his question. Some San Francisco supporters were visibly annoyed, but most shared in a laugh with the former NFL star.

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On social media, Raider Nation continues twisting the knife by cracking several jokes at the expense of their former Bay Area rival. To their credit, the 49ers fans are taking it as well as possible.

The Silver and Black fan base may not be happy with how the season turned out for the Raiders, but they are rejoicing that the 49ers suffered another Super Bowl collapse. And it happened in Las Vegas, no less.

Even with the added distance between the two franchises, the disdain remains as prevalent as ever. That is the mark of a true NFL rivalry.

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