How much salary cap space does each NFL team have?

Hunter Haas
The NFL announced a significant increase in the league’s salary cap. How much salary cap space does each NFL team have?

The NFL announced on Friday that the league-wide salary cap would increase by more than $30 million for the 2024 regular season.

As a way to keep things on a level playing field, the NFL implemented salary cap restrictions in 1994, becoming the first professional league to do so.

The salary cap exists to prevent teams with bigger markets from stockpiling the best free agents each off-season. However, the threshold has steadily increased over the years.

In 1994, the NFL set the limit at a paltry $32 million. Nearly twenty years later, that number skyrocketed to $120 million thanks to lucrative TV deals that funnel back to teams.

On Friday, the NFL announced its most significant single-season jump of the decade. Last season, teams were allowed a $224.8 million limit. In 2024, it will grow substantially to $255.4 million.

Ranking salary cap space for each NFL team

According to Spotrac, the Washington Commanders hold the most available salary cap space in entering the off-season.

Alternatively, the Buffalo Bills have the least amount of space, currently sitting at -$41 million. The front office must restructure deals and potentially trade away or release players to get below the limit.

Below is a comprehensive list of each team’s salary cap space after the recent confirmation of a $30.6 million increase this off-season.

NFL Salary Cap Space (2024)Amount Available
1. Washington Commanders$96.4 million
2. New England Patriots$86.8 million
3. Tennessee Titans$85.2 million
4. Chicago Bears$82.9 million
5. Indianapolis Colts$79.2 million
6. Cincinnati Bengals$74.2 million
7. Houston Texans $73.9 million
8. Detroit Lions$65.7 million
9. Arizona Cardinals$57.5 million
10. Las Vegas Raiders$55.4 million
11. Los Angeles Rams$52.3 million
12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers $48.1 million
13. Carolina Panthers$42.8 million
14. Atlanta Falcons$41.9 million
15. Minnesota Vikings$40.9 million
16. New York Giants$38.9 million
17. Philadelphia Eagles $32.4 million
18. Jacksonville Jaguars$30.1 million
19. Kansas City Chiefs$28.2 million
20. New York Jets$20.4 million
21. Seattle Seahawks $16.1 million
22. Green Bay Packers$12.4 million
23. Baltimore Ravens$12 million
24. Pittsburgh Steelers$8.4 million
25. San Francisco 49ers$4.6 million
26. Dallas Cowboys $-3.2 million
27. Cleveland Browns$-7.7 million
28. Denver Broncos$-13 million
29. Los Angeles Chargers$-20.8 million
30. Miami Dolphins$-24.6 million
31. New Orleans Saints $-38.8 million
32. Buffalo Bills$-41.3 million

The available salary cap space will change for each team as players get cut, traded, and signed when NFL free agency opens on March 13.

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