NBA 2K22 players devastated as servers down for Haywire event

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NBA 2K22 servers have gone down at the worst possible time and players can’t access the limited-time Haywire event. 

On July 4, so many families around the United States will have been home for the day. No work, no school – and lots of time to play video games on their consoles, or on the PC.

Members of the NBA 2K22 community will have been wanting to celebrate Independence Day by chilling out on NBA 2K22 for a few hours, and taking part in the Haywire event the developers had lined up.

The Haywire event was going to mix things up at the Events Center, though the servers have been stopping people from getting in on the action.

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NBA 2K22 servers down? Haywire event players can’t connect

Haywire is expected to run between 9 am to 9 pm PT, meaning these server outages will be cutting into valuable time for many users.

As reported by Down Detector – a website that regularly monitors server status for various AAA games – reports started to spike in the afternoon, suggesting an outage. 91% of the reports submitted to DD were related to “server connection.”

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The Events Center doesn’t host events every day, so it’s frustrating when servers go down on event days.

Players react to server outages

One said: “My game keeps crashing in the middle of rec games. Haven’t been able to play a full game the last two days.”

Soon after that, players took to Reddit and Twitter to express their frustrations.

Several tweets share the same frustrations. One said: “Fix your servers! Can’t even load into the Event Center.” Another said: “Haywire servers are down?”

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Others said when it eventually loaded, players were not inside to play with.

2K server status

According to the NBA 2K official server status page, everything is “up and running” on their end – which means these issues may not be affecting the vast majority of players.

This report includes PlayStation network, Xbox Live, Steam, Epic Games, and Stadia – meaning it covers all platforms.

Fans will be hoping the servers can smoothen out for the remainder of the Haywire event, as it only lasts a day. The next NBA 2K22 event coming up on the calendar is Club 2K on July 8, 2022.