NBA 2K22 players are losing it over “rigged” passing glitch

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NBA 2K22 players are losing their minds over the game’s “rigged” passing, and it turns out it’s been an issue for years in the series.

The 2K series might be the premier pro basketball game out there, but players are up in arms over the less than ideal passing mechanics.

Passing, as you might expect, is key in basketball, and as such plays a major part in the 2K games, as well. The issue is that it rarely seems to work as intended in the titles, and players are getting fed up.

NBA 2K passing “rigged”

A clip posted on the NBA 2K Reddit shows exactly what players and fans are so upset about when it comes to passing.

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The player up top has a man wide open in the paint, and despite the user input, sends a sky-high floater that’s intercepted by the defense. After seeing that pass, anyone would understand why the player might be done with 2K for awhile.

As one player explained in the comments though, this isn’t just an issue in 2K22. Ball movement has apparently been “rigged” in the series for years.

“Since 2K16, the passing trajectory has been totally rigged,” they explained. “Passes made to a “cutting” teammate either “floats” to the defender or somehow draws your teammate away from the goal; dead smack into a defender.”

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There are literally hundreds of clips on the 2K subreddit showing this kind of thing happening too. No matter what players try or do, the game seems to make it’s own decisions when it comes down to who comes up with the ball.

Like other sports titles a new NBA 2K game is released every year. With 2K23 set to come out in September of 2022, we can hope devs take notice and finally do something to keep these issues from appearing yet again.