Beyoncé & Lady Gaga fans convinced Telephone sequel is coming soon

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Beyoncé and Lady Gaga sitting in the front seat of a pickup truckYoutube: Lady Gaga

Following Super Bowl LVIII, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga fans began speculating that a sequel to the duo’s ‘Telephone’ collaboration is in the works.

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga famously collaborated together on the much-heralded ‘Telephone,’ a glitzy dance track from Gaga’s The Fame Monster (Deluxe). The music video, directed by Swedish filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund, saw the two superstars getting arrested and then escaping prison.

If you’ll recall, the music video ends with “to be continued…” as the pair ride off onto the horizon. Since 2009, fans have been clamoring for a sequel.

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During the Super Bowl LVIII, Bey and Gaga were both in attendance. While there was no chance for a photo opp, fans began picking apart a series of coincidences and theories that seem to indicate a ‘Telephone’ sequel is coming, alongside the arrival of Bey’s first country album in March.

Beyoncé & Lady Gaga wearing lacy costumes and standing in the desertYoutube: Lady Gaga
Bey and Gaga performing in ‘Telephone’ video

Beyoncé & Lady Gaga fans speculate about Telephone sequel

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga fans are master sleuths. In countless Twitter/X posts, fans were busy dissecting “clues” for a potential ‘Telephone’ return.

“Hear me out,” wrote one fan. In their post, they concluded that Gaga having a song called “Poker Face” with the lyrics “I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas, please” doesn’t seem to be a coincidence considering Bey just released a song called ‘Texas Hold ‘Em.’

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Another fan agreed. Several users then pointed out an interesting detail from the ‘Telephone’ music video. In the visual, Gaga and Bey’s characters were arrested on February 11, 2010. Coincidentally, Bey announced her new album Renaissance Act II on February 11, 2024.

According to a submission to Deuxmoi, a popular celebrity tea-spilling account, Bey’s Act II will be paired with a “musical western” directed by Jane Campion. The user surmised it’ll actually be in the form of a visual album, in which Gaga is speculated to star. “Real tears in my eyes… I won,” the user wrote.

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Another user speculated what a ‘Telephone’ sequel could look like. With Beyoncé venturing back into her country roots, “the next scene of that trailer will be [Bey] picking up Gaga and a twangy instrumental for ‘Telephone’ part 2 begins playing,” they wrote. Gaga also previously explored country music with her Joanne album in 2016.

Alongside Bey’s album announcement, the singer released a teaser clip that bears a resemblance to the ‘Telephone’ video, according to many fans. “Beyoncé having to ditch the P*ssy Wagon and jack a Taxi after Gaga got caught by the sheriff,” mused one fan with a side-by-side video.

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Lady Gaga fueled speculation after posting a photo on Instagram of two fingers. “Let’s f*cking go,” she captioned. Many took to reason that the pop singer was referencing Beyoncé’s Renaissance Act II release, a possible indication of a ‘Telephone’ sequel.

Beyoncé’s new album arrives on March 29 and features two lead singles, ’16 Carriages’ and ‘Texas Hold ‘Em.’

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