Over 70% of MultiVersus players haven’t completed this challenge

Terry Oh
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A Redditor discovered a MultiVersus challenge which hadn’t been accomplished by a big portion of the game’s player base.

Toasting in MultiVersus is an action players can take to give respect to others at the end of the game. In essence, it’s a form of good sportsmanship.

Giving a player a toast provides them 25 coins at no cost to you. Therefore, it only increases the total currency making for a win-win situation.

Despite this, data about a MultiVersus challenge reveals that many players haven’t done this simple gesture even 10 times.

MultiVersus challenge done by only 30% of players

According to a Reddit post, 70% of players on Steam haven’t completed the “Nice Speech” challenge, which only requires toasting 10 times to other players.

While it’s curious why only 30% of the players have done this simple task, you have to take into account the general player base.

MultiVersus is a free to play fighting game which gained quick traction upon its debut. When the game released its open beta, many gamers jumped on the bandwagon. From casual players, competitive fighters, various demographics dipped their feet into MultiVersus.

But not every gamer stuck with it.

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MultiVersus had widespread appeal for its free to play mechanics and diverse roster

Similar to Super Smash Bros, the widespread appeal of MultiVersus diverse roster brought a lot of casual players to the game. They have characters like the Iron Giant, Rick and Morty, and even Batman and Superman. In fact, there are rumors of Goku in the mix as well.

And since it is free to play, many players download the game just to try it out.

But many of the players ended up creating accounts only to never play the game, or to play it purely on their couch with friends.

Redditor spasmnina411324 comments, “most people who pick up this game don’t get past the tutorial, most people who haven’t toasted 10 times haven’t played a game and just uninstall. This phenomenon is present in all free games.”