MultiVersus may allow players to work together to finish battle pass

Brianna Reeves
multiversus battle pass shared progression leak

Datamined details indicate that MultiVersus could receive a feature that allows players to share battle pass progression.

As of writing, WB Games’ all-new crossover fighter is nearing the end of its Pre-Season battle pass. Plans were originally in place for the battle pass to conclude on Monday, August 8.

However, a delay to the Season 1 rollout means the Pre-Season content will last through Monday, August 15.

Reason suggests the first full season should go live around this time, though WB Games and developer Player First Games have yet to confirm as much.

MultiVersus datamine hints at shared battle pass feature

Dataminer and Twitter user AisulMV recently shared a screenshot of a “Find a Battle Pass Partner” page.

Contents of the page indicate players will have the option to search for a potential partner by user name, then link with them to contribute to a shared progression system.

Since such a feature is absent from the current version of MultiVersus, the best guess is that WB Games either shelved the idea or plans to unleash it at a later date.

According to AisulMV, the battle pass sharing function was planned some time ago and “may be introduced in Season 1.”

The dataminer posted another screenshot in response to curious players. Apparently, the feature will encourage MultiVersus users to “conquer the battle pass faster and share rewards.”

If such an addition to the experience does sit on the docket, it could entice more players to buy into the game’s battle pass.

But beyond cursory Season 1 details, little is known about what WB Games has in store for MultiVersus’ future offerings.