Niantic respond to “frustrating” Monster Hunter Now drop rate system

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Hunters about to face RathalosNiantic/Capcom

Niantic has responded to Monster Hunter Now player complaints surrounding the Rarity 1 rewards that still appear after defeating six-star monsters.

Monster Hunter Now players have been rather vocal when it comes to calling out the game’s item drop rates. The community famously stated that the current monster material drops are “worse than Diablo 4”, with many wanting Niantic to make significant changes. 

After all, receiving low-tier monster materials after taking down a fearsome foe can feel rather deflating, especially when you have fought tooth and nail. Well, the developers have finally responded to this issue, providing feedback on the Rarity 1 rewards that still appear after defeating six-star monsters. 

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Niantic respond to Rarity 1 material community complaints 

Hunter fighting a RathalosNiantic/Capcom
High-tier Monster Hunter Now drop rates can be hard to obtain.

“We understand your disappointment with receiving Rarity 1 rewards after defeating a 6-star monster,” said Niantic. “While it’s true that defeating stronger monsters generally increases the chances of obtaining higher rarity rewards, the reward system is designed to maintain an element of randomness and excitement. This means that even after defeating a formidable 6-star monster, there’s always a possibility of receiving Rarity 1 rewards.”

So, if you’ve been killing high-star monsters and have wondered why you’re still receiving rarity one materials as a reward, then this certainly clears a lot of things up. While receiving low-rank monster parts can be extremely frustrating, particularly for Hunters who require high-tier drops to upgrade their weapons and armor sets, it looks as though the rarity one drops are here to stay. 

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This may not be the news players had wanted to hear, especially since the community has been rather vocal when it comes to calling out the current drop rate of Gems, Plates, and Primeshells. Quite whether Niantic will make any adjustments to Monster Hunter Now material drop rates in the future remains to be seen, but for now, you’ll need to continue breaking monster parts and grinding those high-star wyverns. 

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