Monster Hunter Now community demand higher drops for “nonexistent” Rarity 2 materials

Anjanath fighting a RathalosNiantic/Capcom

Monster Hunter Now’s community wants Niantic to adjust “nonexistent” Rarity 2 material drop rates, with many believing they are currently too rare. 

The Monster Hunter Now Legiana weekend has wrapped up, but for many players, getting Rarity 2 materials like Legiana Webbing can be incredibly difficult. 

While Niantic has responded to complaints surrounding the “frustrating” Monster Hunter Now drop rate system, the community still wants adjustments to the game’s drops. 

After all, you’ll need plenty of Rarity 2 materials to upgrade your weapons, particularly if you wish to get to the highest tiers. 

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Monster Hunter Now players call for Rartiy 2 drop rate changes

Monster Hunter Now Rarity 2 drops are a common material that is needed to upgrade weapons and gear. However, unlike Plates and Wyvern Gems, Rare 2 items are dropped from 5-star monsters. This means players have a chance to obtain them upon successfully defeating their foes. 

However, despite the low rarity of these materials, Hunters are often finding that Rarity 2 materials aren’t dropping often. “Feels like they’re the rarest thing in the game at the moment,” said one Hunter. “Been drowning in everything else,” said one player.”

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Others noted how higher tiers are often less rare than Rare 2 materials. “Dude Rarity 2 makes Rarity 3 look insignificant with the ratio of drops lol. Tobi pelts are the most elusive IMO also those anj tails are a close second.”

Another Hunter provided an idea for how Niantic could help alleviate this issue without amending the current drop rate system. “They need to make it so you can use higher rarity parts in place of lower rarities,” responded one player. 

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“It might only be me, but I’m swimming in 3 and 4-star parts while I rarely have double digits for any of my 2 star parts,” explained one Hunter. “Either let us use higher rarity parts or give us a trader that we can exchange parts with.”

Niantic has yet to reveal whether it will be adjusting drop rates in Monster Hunter Now, so you’ll need to be prepared to grind or hope the desire sensor is on your side.

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