Monster Hunter Now Special Skills: How to use & what do they do?

James Busby
Diablos in Monster Hunter NowCapcom

Monster Hunter Now Special Skills can drastically increase your damage output, so here’s how to unlock them and what each one does. 

Monster Hunter Now is finally here, enabling players from around the world to hunt Capcom’s toothy terrors in the real world. With iconic creatures from Monster Hunter World and other past entries, the Pokemon Go-inspired mobile game aims to bring new ways for series fans to hunt their monolithic foes. 

However, if you wish to chase those A-Rank hunting times and deal massive amounts of damage, you’ll need to use Special Skills. These devastating attacks can really help turn the tide of a fight, so here’s how you can use Special Skills in Monster Hunter now and what each one does.

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How to unlock Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter now weapons and gearCapcom
Monster Hunter Now Special Skill can drastically increase your DPS.

In order to unlock your weapon’s Special Skill, you’ll need to upgrade your weapon to Grade 2. This will then unlock a unique skill that you can use in battle. 

  • Click on your hunter’s weapon icon.
  • Select the weapon you wish to upgrade. 
  • Select the ‘Level Up’ button until you reach Grade 2. 

It’s important to note, that you’ll need to make sure you have the resources needed to upgrade your weapon. Higher-tier weapons will require more rare materials, money, ore, and bones – so be sure to hunt as many monsters as you can. 

How to use a Special Skill in Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now gameplayCapcom
Using Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now is incredibly simple.

Once you have unlocked your weapon’s Special Skill, you’ll be able to use it in combat. All you need to do is hit monsters with your attacks, which will build up the Special Skill Meter – denoted by the small orange circle above your hunter. 

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Once the meter has been filled, simply press the Special Skill button and your hunter will unleash a devastating attack

All Monster Hunter Now Special Skills 

Diablos in Monster Hunter NowCapcom
Ever weapon in Monster Hunter Now has a unique Special Skill.

Here’s every Monster Hunter Special Skill for all six weapons, with explanations of what each skill does. 

  • Sword and Shield Special Skill: Perfect Rush Combo – Lunge forward to unleash a flurry of strikes and shield bashes. 
  • Light Bowgun Special Skill: Wyvernblast Counter – Fires a high-damage round at the monster, dealing explosive damage to the target.
  • Bow Special Skill: Dragon Piercer – Fires an arrow that pierces through the target, dealing huge amounts of damage. 
  • Long Sword Special Skill: Spirit Helm Breaker – Jump into the air before plunging your Long Sword directly through the monster. 
  • Great Sword Special Skill: True Charged Slash – Powers up your next Great Sword attack.
  • Hammer Special Skill: Spinning Bludgeon – Unleash several spinning attacks that end in a strong upper smash that deals significant KO damage. 

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Now Special Skills and how you can use them.

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