Moistcr1tikal blasts Dream over response to Minecraft cheating allegations

. 2 years ago
Moistcr1tikal Dream Twitch Clip
Twitch / Moistcr1tikal

The Minecraft community has been in turmoil since popular YouTuber Dream was accused of cheating during his 1.16 speedrun. Moistcr1tikal has now chimed in by calling out Dream over his response to the allegations.

The Minecraft content creation scene has been filled with drama following accusations that Dream – a popular Minecraft YouTuber with nearly 15 million subscribers – cheated during his 1.16 speedrun attempt.

After a video was shared outlining the accusations against Dream, the YouTuber posted a response on December 23. In that video, Dream pushed back against the claims of cheating and said a “statistical expert with a Ph.D.” showed how the accusations were incorrect.

Dream’s response was largely criticized after Reddit user u/mbf- (a particle physicist with a Ph.D. in Physics) pointed out many amateur mistakes in the data analysis. After weeks of videos and posts regarding the allegations, Charlie ‘Moistcr1tikal’ White offered his thoughts on the situation.

In a clip, Moistcr1tikal – a variety content creator on Twitch and YouTube – slammed Dream’s response video. “It’s like someone spit on his honor or something,” he began.

“He could’ve just said ‘Yeah I cheated, what are you gonna do about it p**sy?'” he continued. Someone in his chat mentioned Dream hiring a Harvard professor – the statistical expert mentioned in his response video – and Moistcr1tikal slammed Dream over that point again.

“Oh did he? Can you tell me what professor that was?” he asked, and then continued “I know you can’t because he didn’t say who it was.” This point has been one of the major criticisms of Dream’s response, and Moistcr1tikal did not cut the YouTuber any slack over it.

Dream Cheating Allegations Response Video
YouTube / DreamXD
Dream posted a detailed response to the cheating allegations made against him, but a statistics expert has criticized many of the video’s claims.

Moistcr1tikal pointed out that u/mbf- was willing to provide his real name while debunking Dream’s response. For many, the fact that Dream has not confirmed who the expert in his video was is further proof that he was in fact cheating.

“You can’t make a response like that, that hinges on the qualifications of your Harvard Ph.D. statistical astrophysicist grad and not give info on who did it,” he said, with the clip ending as the streamer shook his head. “That’s not how that works.”

Dream has not commented on the situation via YouTube or Twitter since the response video posted on December 23. The Minecraft community will need to wait and see if any parties provide more evidence to support or debunk the claims of cheating.

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