Marvel Snap’s Infinity Split feature faces backlash for ruining iconic card designs

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Marvel Snap’s Infinity Split feature, designed to offer a sense of progression and customization, is under fire for overshadowing some of the most iconic card designs with generic rainbow backgrounds.

Infinity Splits allow players to upgrade their Marvel Snap cards, which have reached the “Infinite” rarity level, by splitting them into a new version with unique visual effects. While this feature sounds enticing, it has been a source of frustration and disappointment for many.

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The upgraded card retains its original artwork but often has its background replaced with a foil or prism theme, essentially a rainbow-looking design. This change can overwhelm the original artwork, especially if the background is integral to the card’s overall aesthetic.

Players have been vocal about their displeasure on the Marvel Snap subreddit for many months now, but recent card and variant releases have reignited the conversation.

A glaring example of the issue is the recently released “Super Rare” Silver Surfer variant. The card artwork has a mesmerizing galaxy background, and it looks fantastic when paired with an Infinite border. However, after the Infinity Split, the entire backdrop is replaced with a generic rainbow-style design.

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Another instance is the Professor X noir variant, a masterpiece in its own right, which loses its charm when rainbow elements disrupt the noir theme.

One user commented on the Silver Surfer change, stating, “One of the best parts of comic book art is the vibrant colors popping off the stylized backgrounds, and it gets totally lost over the rainbow backgrounds with no depth.”

Another added, “Lately, more and more cards that look garbage in prism/foil are showing up. SD dropped the ball already on so many levels with this game, it’s sad.”

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The Professor X split also didn’t escape criticism. A player remarked, “90% of the prism/foil splits are so bad that you don’t even feel rewarded after splitting. For me they’re just a path for obtaining some ink/gold version but until then I go with the infinity base card.”

The issue isn’t limited to these cards. A newly released card, Alioth, has been labeled as one of the worst victims of the Infinity Split feature.

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While the intention behind Infinity Split is to provide players with a sense of progression and customization, it is inadvertently ruining some of the best card artwork in the game.

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