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xQc explains why League of Legends has the worst community

Published: 19/Feb/2020 11:13

by Jacob Hale


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has explained why he thinks League of Legends has “the most piece of sh*t community on Earth” – and why Riot Games have “bred” it.

xQc very rarely shies away from sharing his opinion, for better or for worse, and has become something of a polarizing figure in the streaming and esports community because of it.

Now, he has criticized one of the biggest esports and communities in the world, after struggling through some League of Legends ranked matches – which, just a week before now, he was being trolled relentlessly for because of his placement.


Riot Games
Riot Games
The final of Worlds 2019 broke Twitch’s peak viewership record – showcasing the size of the LoL community.

While playing a match, xQc got very heated and decided to share his thoughts on the situation.

“I think Riot Games, and I’m not kidding, because of Riot Lyte, has bred the most piece of sh*t community on Earth by accident,” he said – an incredibly bold statement to make and a direct comment on Riot and former Lead Designer of Social Systems, Jeffrey ‘Lyte’ Lin.

He continued, “They labeled everything as toxic and literally deformed the word, deluding their player base into thinking anything is toxic. Someone says “outplayed” and you think that’s toxic? That’s not how that works!”


Later on in the stream, he went on to clarify that he “likes Riot Games,” but believes that “Riot Lyte has permanently endangered the player base.”

Though xQc didn’t seem to fully conclude why he believes this lack of clarity over what is and isn’t “toxic” is “endangering” the player base or makes it a “piece of sh*t community,” he clearly believes Riot and League of Legends culture has been affected by Lyte in the long-term, despite his leaving the company in May 2016.

As with every community, League of Legends will have some bad eggs – but whether it’s the worst is really impossible to determine.