xQc roasts Twitch chat for mocking his League of Legends rank

by Kamil Malinowski



Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel slammed his chat after he was mocked for his initial rank in League of Legends

The Canadian streamer quickly became one of the biggest broadcasters on Twitch after his retirement from competitive Overwatch in late 2018.

Since then he has played a variety of games and entertained his viewers with his feisty attitude, and he’s never afraid to fire back at anyone who tries to get under his skin. It was no different when his chat tried to mock him for his League of Legends rank after having played the game for just a few days on stream.

Instagram: @xqcOW
The Canadian streamer is one of the top subscribed channels on Twitch.


xQc was finishing up his stream on Feb 11 with some League of Legends, when he decided to send a message to everyone mocking him for being ranked in silver, one of the lowest ranks in the game.

“All the people in chat who are in bronze, silver, and copper dude, just know that it doesn’t get better, you’ll never get out of there, and you’re complete garbage” he began with a fierce roast, before continuing to tear into them.

“When I climb to masters and come back there, on my throne and look down on you, just remember when you tried to pick on me for being in silver temporarily. Know that you’ll never, ever, be good at the game, and you’ll never even be close to my skillset. But thanks for trying anyway.”


Of course, it didn’t end there and Felix just had to throw out a few more insults before closing down his stream. “Goodbye, you f**king pu**y, your mum is disgusting, she’s a fat disgusting f**king cow and I f**cked her in the a** - f**k you.”

This may have been a bit further than xQc usually goes when addressing his viewers, although, many understand that it’s just a part of his stream and the comments were met mostly with laughter and goodbyes.

League of Legends is currently in its 10th competitive season, with players undergoing placement matches to find where their skillset ranks against others in the game. While Silver isn't a particularly high rank, the good news is that he isn't at the absolute bottom of the ladder, and with some time and effort, he may be able to grind his way up to Masters, just as he claims he will.