Wild Rift Kayn champion guide: release date, best build, runes & abilities upgrades

Wild Rift KaynRiot Games

Kayn was teased for Wild Rift patch 3.5, and is an assassin jungler who walks through walls. To help inform players of the newly releasde champion, here is everything to know regarding Wild Rift Kayn.

Kayn practices lethal shadow magic and battles to achieve his destiny. He hopes to one day lead the Order of Shadow into a new era of Ionian supremacy.

Kayn wields the sentient weapon Rhaast, which is a darkin weapon. While using the scythe, Kayn either bends the weapon to his will or the blade takes over him – which is reflected by his blue and red forms in Wild Rift.

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To read more on Kayn’s lore, click here.

Kayn release date in Wild Rift

Two champions launched together as Wild Rift’s Kayn released alongside Aatrox on November 17. This came just two weeks after the release of Warwick, and occured during Wild Rift patch 3.5.

Wild Rift Kayn item build

Recommended item build for Darkin Kayn

  • Black Cleaver
  • Divine Sunderer
  • Death’s Dance
  • Sterak’s Gauge
  • Guardian Angel
  • Gargoyle Enchant

Recommended item build for Shadow Assassin Kayn

  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Duskblade of Draktharr
  • Serylda’s Grudge
  • Edge of Night
  • Death’s Dance
  • Stasis Enchant

This particular champion has two main build paths: bruiser and assassin. Depending on the matchups, Kayn will want to build accordingly.

The assassin build is catered towards Shadow Assassin Kayn, also known as Blue Kayn. As for the bruiser build, it corresponds with Darkin Kayn, also known as Red Kayn.

wild rift kaynRiot Games
Kayn has two very different build paths.

Recommended Runes

Runes for Darkin kayn

  • Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Hunter – Titan
  • Hunter – Genius

Runes for Shadow Assassin Kayn

  • Electrocute
  • Triumph
  • Bone Plating
  • Hunter – Genius

Conqueror works better on Darkin Kayn because he’s expected to survive longer, and can therefore effectively stack the rune. But for Shadow Assassin Kayn, since he’s substantially more squishy, Conqueror is a risky choice.

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Instead, opt for Electrocute to ensure burst damage, which correlates far better with the lethality priority on Shadow Assassin Kayn. The rest of the runes are more or less the same, with the resolve tree falling far more on preference than meta.

Kayn abilities

The Darkin Scythe (passive)

  • Kayn chooses between two forms: either the darkin triumph or Kayn masters Rhaaset, becoming the Shadow Assassin.
    • Darkin: Heal for a percentage of spell damage dealt to champions. Shadow Assassin: For the first few seconds in combat with enemy champions, deal bonus damage.

Reaping Slash (passive)

  • He dashes then slashes, with both dealing damage.

Blade’s Reach (first ability)

  • Creates a line in front of him, dealing damage and slowing. This effect changes slightly pending on Kayn’s form.

Shadow Step (second ability)

  • Allows Kayn to walk through terrain.

Umbral Trespass (third ability)

  • Kayn hides inside an enemy’s body, dealing damage upon exiting.

Ability upgrade priority

  • Blade’s Reach (1) > Shadow Step (2) > Umbral Trespass (3)