Upset’s wife claims she’s receiving death threats over drama with ex-Fnatic teammate Adam

Upset's wife claims she's receiving death threats over drama with ex-Fnatic teammate AdamTwitter: Upset / Riot Games

Fnatic AD carry Upset’s wife claims she is receiving death threats as the drama with former top laner Adam continues. 

Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp left FNC at the 2021 LoL World Champions prior to the start of the group stage due to a “family emergency.”

After the tournament, ex-top laner Adam ‘Adam’ Maanane called out Fnatic’s management as well as Upset, saying his absence “is totally unjustified at least until he says why he really left.”

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The drama heated up even more as Adam went ahead and reportedly changed his in-game name, to which Upset’s wife revealed some alarming information.

Upset’s wife receiving death threats over offseason drama 

Adam had speculated that Upset “just left to join his girlfriend because she felt bad to be alone.” Paula, Upset’s wife, responded on Twitter to a report that he changed his summoner’s name to ‘Lonely Wife UwU’ which people are calling “f**ked up.”

She claimed he is the reason that she is now allegedly receiving death threats from others. “Thanks to this kid, I receive death threats almost every day for no reason.”

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Upset also joined in to defend his wife, calling out Adam’s antics and even claiming that he has reached out to talk to him about the situation. “[I] offered to talk to him in person multiple times since, which he ignored every time… very disgusting to fuel this hate towards her.”

Apparently, the top laner is ignoring the star AD carry’s attempt to reach out and set things straight. Upset said, “He just wants drama.”

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According to Tracking the Pros, Adam’s name is now ‘me like solobolo’. The LEC kicks off on January 14 and everyone is circling the calendar for the Fnatic and BDS match as this drama continues.