Tyler1 goes on epic rant about terrible LoL matchmaking: “It’s not hard!”

Tyler1 lol matchmakingTyler1

During a recent League of Legends stream, Tyler1 went on a lengthy rant about LoL’s troublesome matchmaking system.

Matchmaking hardly ever works as players wish, regardless of the game. Still, developers have tried implementing systems that provide the best results.

Riot Games, for example, uses matchmaking that prioritizes three key points of interest whenever users queue up for a game – fair matches, position preferences, and quick queues.

But in spite of these efforts, players find themselves drawing the short straw far too often. And some folks, including popular streamer Tyler1, are fed up.

Tyler1 doesn’t hold back with rant about LoL matchmaking

Tyler1 had high hopes during a recent stream of getting the jungle role after playing midlane across multiple matches. When the “Mid” assignment flashed across the screen for the third time in a row, the content creator let loose a three-plus-minute rant.

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Notably, the focus of the rant centered on the average League player, someone who only has time for a few matches a night after school or work.

Tyler1 noted that an average player coming home late to repeated matches where they can’t utilize their primary role is a recipe for turning users away.

“It’s not that hard,” he said of the matchmaking system, then pondered why Riot isn’t doing a better job of “balancing the game.”

YouTube channel Twitch Crops cut Tyler1’s LoL matchmaking rant into its own video. Judging by the responses to said video, many League players understand the streamer’s frustration.

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“T1 hits the nail on the head when it comes to casual players,” one user wrote, “…I don’t have a lot of time to play so when I do I want it to be enjoyable, not something I have to grit my teeth through.”

Others in the comments were in agreement, calling the rant “accurate.” Many more added that they’ve been saying the same thing for quite some time.

Despite updates to League’s matchmaking in recent years, then, it seems there are still several kinks in the system.