TFT patch 12.13 hotfix live after Vladimir bug, Ryze & Nami buffs torment meta

Cosmic Vladimir in League of LegendsRiot Games

Astral Mage has reared its ugly head in the TFT Set 7 meta again after patch 12.13 made the comp completely broken again. However Riot has launched a hotfix with Ryze & Nami nerfs, as well as a Vladimir bugfix, to stop the torment.

TFT patch 12.13 definitely fixed a couple of sore points in the TFT meta. The dominance of Sy’fen and Shi Oh Yu was curbed somewhat, and some more broken interactions around Astral were fixed.

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However the latter is still causing grief for Riot as players quickly discovered a bug with the recently-buffed Vladimir ⁠— buffing him even further with 20 starting mana instead of zero and giving him bonus mana per auto.

That, combined with Nami buffs and Ryze’s already strong spot in the meta, has made Astral Mages the go-to comp in TFT patch 12.13. There’s no Aurelion Sol (as a Mage) this time around, but Riot are already aware of the pain players are facing and prepping changes.

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“This patch is a great example of how one bad change and an unintended bug can ruin things pretty quickly,” developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer admitted. “The Vlad bug in conjunction with this Nami buff have put the meta in a not great spot.”

For players wanting a quick fix, Riot said a Day 1 patch isn’t possible. Instead the developers shipped a change 24 hours later ⁠— in the afternoon of July 14.

The changes are more than a Vladimir bugfix and Nami nerfs though. Riot have pushed changes to Ryze they’ve been planning for some time, as well as other bugfixes required following Wednesday’s update.

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“We are preparing a hotfix, but it will not come until tomorrow. We want to keep an eye out for anything else that pops up and try to hit some of the bad bugs. Balance wise it will likely be Nami revert, Vladimir bug fix, and possibly the Ryze nerf we’ve wanted to do for a while.”

You can find the full list of TFT patch 12.13 hotfix changes below. They are live as of July 14.

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TFT patch 12.13 hotfix notes




  • No longer gains 20 Mana per attack



  • Mana: 25/75 ⇒ 50/90



  • Overload maximum Mana Damage scaling: 200/300/500% ⇒ 180/260/420%

Bug fixes

  • Players can no longer get 2 picks out of an Armory selection under specific circumstances (applies to all selections including Ornn, Augment, Radiant, Double Up Armories, Tome, etc.)