The best TFT Set 7.5 comps in patch 12.21: Top meta builds

Xayah in TFT Set 7Riot Games

TFT Set 7.5 is here, and there’s a lot to learn in these Uncharted Realms. The meta is still in flux in the Convergence but we’ve got you covered with the best comps you need to try on patch 12.21 to continue your ranked grind.

After three months of Dragonlands, it’s time for players to explore Uncharted Realms in TFT Set 7.5. The Mid-Set update introduced a ton of new units and augments, and the meta is shaking up.

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It’s a lot to take it, however we’ve got you covered with a meta guide to some of the best comps in Set 7 — as of TFT patch 12.21.

It’s always best to play flexibly around your items and Augments, but these builds are the most consistent at getting Top 4’s and wins so you can climb the ladder as fast as possible.

Best TFT Set 7.5 comps in patch 12.21

4+ Dragons

Example dragons flex board in TFT Set 7.5LoL Chess

Since Riot buffed Dragons and made it a chase trait, it has been a dominant force in the Convergence. Just slamming as many as you can at one time onto your board is a decent way to success — but it gets better if you can hit the ascended power of Dragon 6.

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Not all Dragons are built equal. You want to focus on picks like Terra and Idas for frontline, while Ao Shin, Daeja, Shyvana, or even Shi Oh Yu can provide your damage. Sohm isn’t a solid pick due to Mage reliance, and the same goes for Swain and Darkflight, plus Aurelion Sol with Astral and Evoker. Zippy and Nomsy also don’t scale as well due to being Tier 3 picks.

It’s not just Dragons either. You preferably want to round out some traits. Rakan is great — he can fill out Guardian for Idas and Ragewing for Shyvana. Jayce isn’t the worst option along Shyvana if you’re struggling for damage, and pushing 4 Tempest with any flex option with Ao Shin is fine too.

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Bear in mind this board is as capped as it comes. It takes a decent amount of skill to hit as you have to transition from mid-game into this. Take note of good item holders — Cavaliers aren’t bad for tank items, while Astral and Lagoon boards can hold the AP items well for damage. Once you start seeing Dragons in the late game, it’s time to transition.

Dragonmancer Reroll

Example Dragonmancer Kai'Sa board in TFT Set 7.5LoL Chess

After numerous buffs, Dragonmancer reroll is firmly in the meta. While it was once reliant on getting early Setts or Karmas, the board is a lot easier to hit.

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It now revolves mostly around Kai’Sa, who was recently buffed before a quick hotfix nerf as part of TFT patch 12.20b. She’s still really strong, and there’s plenty of ways of playing this board as a result. You can either go for Lagoon stacks — worth it early for econ — or push for the 8 Dragonmancer spike.

If you go for the latter, you’ll want to change your carry to something like Ao Shin with a Dragonmancer Emblem. Hitting that ultra-capped late game board is the ideal, especially given most end game comps revolve around multiple Dragons and a three-star Karma or Kai’Sa can’t really stand up to that.

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Dragonmancer reroll is especially good if you get early AP items and the units to hold them on. However be mindful of players contesting you, as it can make hitting those necessary three-star unit power spikes impossible.

Shi Oh Yu and Sy’fen

Example Shi Oh Yu Sy'fen board in TFT Set 7.5LoL Chess

Rounding out the list is the most consistent comp of the last few metas, the Shi Oh Yu and Sy’fen duo carry board that has taken TFT by storm. It’s easy to hit, doesn’t require a lot of resources, and can consistently get you top four placements.

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The core obviously revolves around the Tier 4 Dragons and their two respective traits in Jade and Whispers. If you can get 5 Jade in with Jax and Gnar for the two Jade Status, plus 4 Whispers with Pantheon, you have a nice spread of damage, tankiness, and shredding capabilities to outmuscle most boards.

If you high roll, there’s options to push for three-star Dragons or four-cost units like Jayce and Pantheon, who also play a big part on this board.

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This board might not cap as high as the others mentioned. But if you want something you can play with relative ease and hit consistent placements to slowly climb up the ladder, this is the comp for you.

Graves Seraphine

Graves Seraphine comp in TFT Set 7LoL Chess

It has been on the fringe of the meta since it was nerfed, but dynamic duo Graves and Seraphine have made it back into the forefront with other compositions falling in priority.

It’s still the same build as it once was: You want to spam as many Zeke’s Heralds as you can on a Zeri, who is next to a Graves in your backline. Seraphine just needs mana generation (and a Morellonomicon) to constantly keep shields on the team, and Graves can flexibly slam basically every AD item in the game.

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The comp has a decent baseline, but is buffed massively by augments like Better Together, which boost the power of the Zeke’s Herald stacking. Healing augments also help, as well as any Cybernetic buffs given the amount of items this comp requires.

As for your frontline, Pantheon, Rakan, and Zac do a good job of that. When tied with Zyra and a second Mystic unit, you get 2 Whisper, Guardian, and Mystic for plenty of defensive utility that gives Graves time to ramp up and demolish the enemy.

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