The best TFT Set 7 comps in patch 12.11: Top meta builds

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Xayah in TFT Set 7
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TFT Set 7 is here, and there’s a lot to learn. The meta is still in flux in the Dragonlands but we’ve got you covered with the best comps you need to try on patch 12.11 to get your ranked grind underway.

Riot is welcoming players to the Dragonlands in TFT Set 7, but it can be a bit daunting. All these new units? New Draconic Augments? Treasure Dragons? It’s a lot to take in on the PBE, especially with this Set being one of the most complex yet.

However, we’ve got you covered with a meta guide to some of the best comps in Set 7 — as of TFT patch 12.11.

It’s always best to play flexibly around your items and Augments, but these builds are the most consistent at getting Top 4’s and wins so you can climb the ladder as fast as possible.

Best TFT Set 7 comps in patch 12.11

Whispers Flex

Example of Whispers flex TFT Set 7 meta comp
LoL Chess
You can drop 6 Bruiser for 6 Whispers or other variants depending on what you hit.

As far as Emblems go in TFT Set 7, getting a Whispers one is by far your best bet for a guaranteed first. The comp generally is so strong thanks to the trait’s value in shrinking enemies and massively buffing your carries, but it only gets stronger with an Emblem on the right unit.

If a Whispers Emblem is offered to you through Augments or Tome of Traits, take it and slam it on a carry like Xayah or even a dragon Daeja, Ao Shin, or Shyvana (especially good if you get the Dragon Alliance augment). Combined with Sy’fen and a comp that pushes 6 Whispers with Elise and Thresh, and the enemy won’t be able to fight back as you melt their board.

You can either build Sy’fen as a tank with items like Titan’s Resolve and Bramble Vest, or a carry with Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster. It really depends on what items you hit and finding a balance between front and back line. You will need some defensive items to let your Whispers stack up so keep that in mind.

The rest of the comp is all about rounding out synergies. Bruisers in for Sy’fen, Guardian for Thresh, and other traits for your alternative carries are the way to go. This comp is quite high roll given it relies on a Whispers Emblem, but if you’re offered one do not pass it up.

Mirage Flex

Example of Mirage flex TFT Set 7 meta comp
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You can swap Yone items onto Daeja if you so choose.

Mirage is the new Mutant of TFT Set 7, and it’s actually pretty strong. While it’s a very AD-focused vertical with all its carries (Yasuo and Yone use AD items while Daeja is an attack speed carry), the options are plentiful when it comes to playing the composition.

Every Mirage comp revolves around a backbone of Daeja, Yasuo, and Yone as potential carries. However, the carry you play depends on the Mirage variant. Executioners is great for Yasuo, while Daeja and Yone both love the Duelist variant. The comp is still playable with Pirates (great all-rounder for economy), Spellblade, and Warlord (if you hit units early).

The comp we have listed above is with Yone carry as it is the easiest to play. All you have to do is hit a couple of bows, slow roll at Level 6 for Yone 3, and push levels from there. You can choose to play Leona with Braum or Nunu with Hecarim as your front line ⁠— the latter is higher capped.

However, if you find an early Yasuo or Daeja, don’t let it sit there doing nothing. Feel free to swap around items and play with those higher-cost carries as they’re more likely to get you a first than just a Top 4.

“Bouncy Castle”

Example of Bouncy castle TFT Set 7 meta comp

If you want to have everyone pinging your board and being a general nuisance, then it’s time to blow up the Bouncy Castle. This comp has also been backed by NA pro ‘Socks’, who affectionately calls it the “cringe” comp.

There’s no real synergies at play here. What it’s about is filling out your board with the most amount of crowd control possible. This means playing a strong early game and then pivoting into a board at Level 8 that includes: Lulu, Ornn, Sona, Neeko, Hecarim, and Bard.

It’s a bit hard to get Bard at Level 8 so you can run something else to give you Mystic in the interim like Nami, but your carries can be whatever your items and Augments tell you. You can push 3 Ragewing and play Xayah alongside Swain, pick up Corki and Jinx for 3 Revel 2 Cannoneer, or Ao Shin for extra Tempest CC and plenty of damage (hardest to hit though).

Take your pick based on what you hit on your Level 8 roll down and watch your enemies cringe as they stand still, useless for most of the fight with all the stuns.

Tank Vladimir (Astral Mage)

Example of Astral flex TFT Set 7 meta comp
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You can put Nami items on Aurelion Sol (plus Mage Emblem) late game.

If you want something relatively simple to ease into the set, how about a simple Astral reroll comp? Astral is the economy trait of TFT Set 7 with increased odds of finding Astral units (including ones with Astral Emblem on them) every five shops.

With plenty of crossover into the Mage tree, there’s merit in playing Tank Vladimir with Nami carry. It’s a very strong early game board, and if you get 3 Astral 3 Mage as an opener in Stage 2 (possible with a Stage 2-1 level up to 4) you’ll start the steamroll early.

Throw defensive items like Warmog’s Armor, Bramble Vest, and Dragon’s Claw on Vladimir. Nami gets a mix of mana generation (Archangel’s Staff, Spear of Shojin) and raw ability power (Rabadon’s Deathcap, more Archangel’s Staffs, Jeweled Gauntlet).

You do have to try and hit Nami and Vladimir 3 as early as possible ⁠— don’t be afraid to hyperroll at Levels 4, 5, and 6 for the best shop odds. Once you do so, push levels as fast as you can to keep up with the lobby as Astral does fall off a bit. Late-game, if you find a Mage spat, you can transfer Nami items onto Aurelion Sol for a better chance of winning the game (Mage ASol is broken, trust us).

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