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TFT Patch 10.14 to feature Star Guardian shake-up, Urgot changes, more

by Andrew Amos
Riot Games


TFT Patch 10.14 is live on the PBE, and there’s some major changes coming. Star Guardian is getting an overhaul, while pesky Urgot will also be facing Riot’s wrath in the next autobattler update.

TFT Patch 10.13 is in the rearview mirror, with all eyes looking forward to what the next update will bring.


After Battlecast was buffed in the first patch since the Mid-Set update, the trait’s strongest champion ⁠— Urgot ⁠— will be getting a much-needed change in Patch 10.14. Also on the hit list is Star Guardian, specifically how much power is invested into the trait itself.

Star Guardian Janna in TFT
Riot Games
Most Star Guardian champions are being buffed, while the trait itself is being nerfed.

That’s on top of over a dozen smaller balance changes to keep others in check while Riot tries to patch up some of the more pressing issues.


Star Guardian power shifting from trait to champions

Star Guardians have been a popular composition to run since the release of TFT Galaxies, but individually, some of the champions have fallen flat. Outside of the likes of Janna, who can thrive individually, the rest don’t really have a place unless you go all in on the trait.

That’s changing in Patch 10.14, as Riot redistributes the trait’s power towards the champions instead.

Zoe, Poppy, Syndra, Neeko, Soraka, and Janna are all getting mana buffs, while Star Guardian’s overall mana restore is going down. Syndra in compensation is also getting a small damage nerf to keep her in check too.


“Our goal with the Star Guardian changes that we're testing is to keep the Star Guardian comp at a similar power level, but pull power out of the Trait and put it back into the Champions, so that they can succeed in other compositions,” said Matthew ‘Wittrock’ Wittrock, set designer for TFT.

Urgot changes target champion’s “fairness”

Urgot is one of Set 3’s most controversial champions. Since being added in the Mid-Set update, players have loathed to play against the five-cost Battlecast Protector because of his one-shot ultimate.

Battlecast Urgot in TFT
Riot Games
Urgot will "feel more fair" to play against after his TFT Patch 10.14 changes.

However, in Patch 10.14, Riot are trying to make him “feel more fair” to play against. While they believe his balance is in a good spot, they are changing some of his mechanics to introduce a bit more counterplay.


Guardian Angel will now stop his execute, leaving the champion targeted to die on the spot and revive. His ultimate will now also target the farthest unit away from Urgot, but will no longer pass through enemies, giving players a chance to position allies to protect their carries.

Riot are also making it worthwhile investing into Urgot beyond one-star by scaling the time to kill from 1.5 seconds flat to three seconds at one-star, to one second at three-star.

You can find the full TFT Patch 10.14 preview below, courtesy of [email protected]. We will keep this updated as more changes hit the PBE ahead of the June 8 release.

TFT Patch 10.14 preview notes



  • Stun duration changed from 2/2/2 to 2/2/4

Aurelion Sol

  • Mana drained lowered from 15/25/50 to 10/20/50
  • Damage changed from 110/150/750 to 90/150/1000


  • Damage lowered from 450/600/5000 to 400/550/3000


  • Attack speed increased from .85/.9/1.1 to .9/.95/1.2

Jarvan IV

  • Attack speed increased from 65/75/85% to 75/85/95%


  • Shield value increased from 250/400/800 to 300/450/900
  • Attack speed increased from 50/75/125% to 70/90/150%


  • Damage increased from 50/75/125 to 75/100/200


  • Damage increased from 150/250/500 to 150/250/750


  • Knockup duration increased from 1.5 to 1.5/2/2.5


  • Damage lowered from 100/125/200 to 85/125/225


  • Spell Targeting changed from Farthest in Attack Range to Farthest
  • Spell now hits the first enemy it collides with instead of always hitting the intended target
  • Attack Range changed from 660 (3 Hexes) to 420 (2 Hexes)
  • Execute is now preventable with Guardian's Angel
  • Time to reel in enemy now scales with Star Level. 1.5 sec to 3/2/1 sec
  • Mana changed from 40/90 to 50/100
  • Mana Reduction Per Cast changed from 10/20/90 to 20/30/100


  • Damage changed from 400/600/1200 to 350/550/1500
  • Knockup damage increased from 150/200/500 to 150/200/750



  • 2 unit healing increased from 15% to 20%
  • 4 unit healing increased from 40% to 50%
  • 6 unit healing increased from 99% to 150%


  • 3 unit AD lowered from 40 to 35


  • 4 unit spell power lowered from 45% to 40%
  • 6 unit spell power lowered from 75% to 70%

Star Guardian

  • 3 unit mana lowered from 25 to 15
  • 6 unit mana lowered from 40 to 25
  • 9 unit mana lowered from 55 to 40