South Korea defeats China in dramatic LoL 2022 Asian Games semi-finals match

Jeremy Gan
South korea defeats China in 2022 Asian Games

South Korea has defeated China in a dramatic semi-final match in the LoL 2022 Asian Games, sending them to the Grand Finals. 

The long-awaited battle of the giants between South Korea and China in the 2022 Asian Games has just concluded and it resulted in a monumental South Korean victory. 

With both giants fielding a who’s who of LCK and LPL stars, the match was billed by the League of Legends community as a de facto grand finals, with it being a rematch of 2018’s Asian Games which saw China come out on top and get the gold. 

However, South Korea has now gotten its revenge, in a clean 2-0 victory, sending China to the third-place match as Korea pushes for the gold medal this time around. 

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok fans may be disappointed to know that he did not play in this match, however, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon played the mid-lane fantastically in his absence. 

The first game started even in the laning phase for both teams, but before long, despite prioritizing Baron and Dragon, China couldn’t stand up to Korea’s impeccable coordination in the team fights which gave them the advantage. 

Korea ended the first game in a brisk 29:25, getting 12 eliminations and a near 8,000 gold difference by the end. 

Game two saw China coming out on top in the early game, however, Korea countered China’s prioritization of objectives, which allowed them to make a comeback. 

After losing several team fights, and multiple objectives, Korea slowly picked apart at China, racking up a sizable gold difference and eliminations over time to close it out. 

Korea took their time defeating them in the second game, taking 36:36 to finish China’s Nexus off. Korea racked up a near 8,000 gold difference once again, with 18 eliminations on the board and this time, a lot more objectives under their belt. 

China will next battle the loser of Taipei vs Vietnam for a third-place finish, meanwhile, Korea will go against the victor of that match to determine who will get gold on September 29. 

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