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Simple League of Legends upgrade would add champion models to the client

Published: 26/May/2020 0:39

by Alan Bernal


A novel upgrade to the League of Legends client would finally let Summoners view their champions up close and personal – and more people are signing on to the idea.

The traditional top-down look to League prevents players from looking at the finer details the Riot devs bestow their champions. While that angle is crucial to keep up with the action, it sometimes leaves a bit to be desired.

That’s why redditor ‘u/Brake_77’ created a model viewer that would be added to the Collections tab where players can already see all of the skins, champions, and extras they’ve earned along the way.


The approach is simple: Have an added 3D model of a character displayed, while letting people scroll through the various skins and chromas they might have for them.

“I would love something like this in League, but I know that many models are very outdated and this wouldn’t really work,” Brake_77 said. “If they ever revamp models like wild rift this should be a must.”

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Character models have been great, now if only LoL had a way to display them that’s not in game.

As unlikely as they think the feature would be, many have already jumped on the hype train after seeing the mockup highlighting the K/DA Akali Prestige Edition skin.

With the banner of the skin prominently shown to the right and the skin on a rotating display to the left, League players would get a close angle on their characters like never before in their client.


Even though some people brought up the laggy League client and extraneous work as reasons why the company probably wouldn’t integrate a concept like this, they all agreed it would be a great addition to the program.

Champion model in client (concept) repost from leagueoflegends

“Something this game definitely needs because it’s kinda common occurrence that some skins look way worse than they do in splash arts,” user ‘ScorpionMK11’ said. “Dota has had this for years, I don’t see why League of Legends shouldn’t have it too.”

With the new champs and VGUs for veteran champs that Riot have been releasing, this could be a great way to show off the updated designs.


This concept has been a hit with a portion of the League community, and it would be something they’d like to see Riot try to implement.