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Riven changes for LoL Patch 9.19 reverted after community backlash

Published: 17/Sep/2019 1:02 Updated: 17/Sep/2019 1:16

by Andrew Amos


The controversial changes to Riven for the League of Legends Worlds 2019 patch, aka Patch 9.19, have been reverted after community backlash.

Riven was set to receive a massive overhaul to her kit in Patch 9.19 in the initial notes drafted by League’s Lead Gameplay Designer Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter. The initial changes were meant to give her ultimate, Blade of the Exile, a significant buff.


The changes were not well received in the community, and have been reverted just days later. However, Riven will still be getting some showtime on the patch notes just before Worlds, albeit with a toned down set of changes.

Riot GamesRiven will be receiving a new skin and a set of changes in Patch 9.19, just in time for Worlds.

Scruffy tweeted out the full patch preview on September 16, saying that there were “a few changes” to his initial list earlier in the week.


Instead of the increased base damage to her ultimate, and more AD scaling on her W, Ki Burst, Riven will be receiving cooldown changes to her Q and E. 

Her Q, Broken Wings, will now have a 13 second cooldown at all ranks, up from 12 seconds on Patch 9.18. 

To compensate for this slight nerf, her E, Valor, has had its cooldown slashed from 14 seconds to 12 seconds at rank one, and from 10 seconds to eight at rank five.


This makes maxing Riven’s E second, or even first, a lot more viable than it was before, given the significant buff at rank five.

The changes have not touched any of Riven’s damage numbers or base stats, which should make the community calm down a little bit in regards to the playmaking champion getting buffed right before the biggest event of the year.

A Reddit thread made by user ‘NeroWhitePanda’ regarding the initial buffs made the front page of /r/leagueoflegends on September 12, garnering over 1300 upvotes and thousands of comments. 


PickCollins0330’ joked about “the mental gymnastics (Riot) do to try and make this buff not sound stupid,” while others mentioned the fact that Riven is getting a skin soon, so she has to be buffed. “Skin took six months to make, we must sell it at all costs,” ‘SuperSkills10‘ wrote, mimicking a robot.



Patch 9.19 isn’t exclusively Riven changes though. 27 champions are listed on Scruffy’s change list, including huge nerfs to Karma and Yuumi, and significant buffs to Annie and Ornn. Aatrox will also be receiving some love after being gutted in Patch 9.18.

While the meta has focused around some of the game’s newer champions, Riot seems to be looking to tone down their impact before Worlds. A huge patch like this should make for interesting viewing come October, when the pros get to show off their experiments on stage in Europe.

Patch 9.19 is expected to drop on September 24, just a couple of weeks out from the League of Legends World Championship. All games at the prestigious tournament will be played on this patch, so it’s one update you won’t want to miss.

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TFT Patch 10.20b notes: Spirit nerf, Aphelios & Ashe nerfs, more

Published: 8/Oct/2020 1:07

by Andrew Amos


Ahead of the next update, Riot have slid in a little addendum to TFT Patch 10.20 with a “b-patch” hotfix. The devs are keeping a keen eye on Spirit, Aphelios, Ashe, and more, as they look to tone down the “overperformers” urgently.

While Riot seemingly did away with the b-patches during the latter stages of Galaxies, the mid-update changes are back. In TFT Fates, Riot will be keeping more of a keen eye during the week following a major update to potentially drop even more changes.


They were happy after the set’s launch initially, but there have been a few overperformers in TFT Patch 10.20 Riot want to tone down ahead of the next update. They aren’t doing too much though, as they want the next patch to be a big one.

“[TFT Patch] 10.21 is shaping up to be a big patch, but these changes felt worth getting out a little earlier. B-Patches are limited to number changes, so bigger changes have to wait,” developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer explained after the October 7 update went live.


Spirit 4 nerfed, Brawler-Ashe targeted

The major changes in TFT Patch 10.20b are to Spirit, Ashe, and Aphelios. The two champions, and the trait, have been the crux of many of the meta compositions.

Looking at Spirit, Riot has decided the Patch 10.20 changes weren’t enough originally. Spirit 4 is being nerfed by another 10% bonus attack speed, dropping from 80% of the mana cost to 70%. This should hopefully bring it more in line, although without Ahri nerfs being shipped, that remains to be seen.

Brawler-Ashe has been one of the most consistent compositions of the set so far. With Ashe being able to dish out huge amounts of damage with an in-built attack speed steroid, she’s risen to be one of the best units in the set. Riot will be toning that back though, reducing her ability’s attack speed at one and two-star.

High Noon Ashe in League of Legends
Riot Games
Brawler-Ashe is getting a notable nerf if you don’t manage to find three-star Ashe.

Aphelios carry is also another popular composition. Riot has deemed his ability to generate turrets a bit too efficient though, so he’s losing some of his starting mana so he can’t automatically start firing away.

Janna and Veigar are also being targeted in TFT Patch 10.20b. Janna’s total mana is going up from 50 to 60, while Veigar is losing damage on his Dark Blossom ability at all levels.

You can find the full TFT Patch 10.20b changes below.

Spirit Blossom Ahri in TFT Fates
Riot Games
Spirit is getting nerfed again, but power carry Ahri remains untouched.

TFT Patch 10.20b notes


  • Aphelios starting Mana: 120 ⇒ 90
  • Janna max Mana: 50 ⇒ 60
  • Ashe Hunter’s Focus Bonus Attack Speed: 50/75/300 ⇒ 45/65/300
  • Veigar Dark Blossom Damage: 500/650/1000 ⇒ 450/600/900


  • Spirit Attack Speed: 35/80 ⇒ 35/70