Riot suspend Origen League of Legends coach for “unacceptable behavior”

Origen / Riot Games

Origen’s League of Legends strategic coach Jack ‘Kayys” Kayser has been dropped from his staff position after Riot issued him with a suspension on June 2.

Riot Games has revealed that they have now concluded their investigations into Origen’s strategic coach, issuing him with a temporary suspension from the LEC, which will last until June 25.

The coach was found to have displayed “unacceptable behavior” in League of Legends during his personal time on the popular MOBA title.

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Riot Games
Origen’s League of Legends strategic coach has been suspended following Riot’s investigation on June 2.

The LEC issued a statement with their competitive ruling on June 2, surrounding the controversial comments that the coach has made during his solo queue matches in League of Legends.

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They shared their findings and claimed that he had displayed multiple instances of negative behavior, with league officials adding that his use of “discriminatory language” had violated the LEC’s code of conduct rules.

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“Kayser’s usage of discriminatory language towards other players in the game is unacceptable and has no place in our competitive ecosystem,” Riot stated.

They continued on, highlighting that, while he had received no warning, they still felt it was necessary to take immediate action, ”the violations were egregious and occurred in multiple instances which is why we are issuing an immediate suspension.”

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However, Kayys was also released from his position at Origen shortly after, meaning that he would need to find a new team if he planned on making his return after his suspension lifts on June 25.

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Origen replied with a brief statement on his removal, thanking him for his efforts through the LEC’s 2020 spring split and wishing him well on his future in League of Legends.

Kayys later made a statement of his own on the matter, responding to the controversy to clarify some of the context surrounding his suspension.

After explaining that he does regret his mistakes, Kayys claimed that he did not use any racially discriminatory language during the incidents mentioned in Riot’s statement.

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With the LEC’s summer split kicking off on June 12, the strategic coach also shared that he will be moving back to the US for some time off before sharing his career plans moving forward.